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Dress up in blue with Smurf costumes for the perfect costume group for your family. Options for Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Gargamel, Hackus and Vexy. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of adult and kids costumes from this popular comic book and movie series. If you are feeling blue around Halloween, then grab a Smurf costume and celebrate this classic television series.  You are sure to no longer be blue after your party!

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As Halloween approaches, you may be contemplating which costume to choose for the festivities. An excellent option to consider is a Smurf costume. These iconic, charming, and highly recognizable characters from the world of animation offer a playful and unique spin on Halloween traditions. Whether you're a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the world of the Smurfs, donning a Smurf costume this Halloween allows you to tap into a vibrant and beloved part of pop culture.

The Smurfs are a collection of characters, each with distinct personalities, adding depth and variety to their storylines. Papa Smurf, the leader of the Smurf village, is known for his red clothes and bushy white beard. Smurfette, the only female Smurf in the village, is known for her blonde hair and white dress. Brainy Smurf, the intellectual of the group, is easily identified by his glasses. Other popular characters include Jokey Smurf, known for his pranks, and Hefty Smurf, recognized by his incredible strength. Choosing a Smurf costume means you have a multitude of unique characters to choose from, each with their quirks and style.

The Smurfs originated in a comic strip by Belgian cartoonist Peyo in 1958, and they quickly gained popularity around the world. The Smurfs' most significant leap to fame was the animated television series launched in 1981, which ran for an impressive nine seasons. The series featured the Smurfs in a multitude of adventures and is fondly remembered by many. The franchise extended its reach with the release of a series of Smurfs films starting in 2011, introducing these endearing blue characters to a new generation of fans.

A Smurf costume isn't complete without a few essential accessories. The standard Smurf costume consists of white trousers and a white hat, paired with blue body paint to mimic the Smurfs' distinct hue. To further personalize your costume, consider adding character-specific accessories. For example, if you're going as Papa Smurf, a white beard and red clothes are a must. If you choose to be Brainy Smurf, don't forget a pair of round glasses. And for Smurfette, a blonde wig and red shoes would be perfect. Whichever character you choose, remember that the key is in the details.

For those of you who are celebrating Halloween as a couple, the Smurfs provide numerous options for couple costumes. You could go as Papa Smurf and Smurfette, Hefty Smurf and Smurfette, or even Brainy Smurf and Smurfette. Alternatively, you could also consider going as two male Smurfs, like Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf or Jokey Smurf and Hefty Smurf. Whatever combination you choose, you're sure to be a hit at any Halloween gathering.

Smurf costumes are also a terrific idea for group costumes. Imagine a whole crew of Smurfs, each person dressed as a different character, making your way to a Halloween party. You could recreate the entire Smurf village with your friends, with each person picking their favorite character. It would be a fun, colorful, and highly memorable group costume that would undoubtedly stand out among the usual Halloween fare.

In conclusion, choosing a Smurf costume for this year's Halloween celebrations is an excellent way to express your creativity, pay homage to a beloved piece of pop culture, and ensure that your costume is unique and memorable. Whether you're going solo, as a couple, or in a group, a Smurf costume is a fantastic choice that guarantees a fun-filled and enchanting Halloween celebration.

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Everyone knows who the Smurfs are, which makes them an excellent Halloween costume, even if they can’t quite figure out what they are!    The best costume options to transform yourself into a Smurf are probably to choose between serving as Papa Smurf or Smurfette.  But if you are looking to create a group of Smurfs, then costumes for Grouchy, Brainy and other smurfs are also available.  And don’t forget to have someone in the group dress in a Gargamel costume.

The smurfs are a great costume for the family.  If you and your family love these little blue guys then there are ample opportunities for costumes available to suit your themed party or event.  For your baby or toddler you can use a Smurf or Smurfette costume.  And dad can wear an adult Papa Smurf costume as well.  Also for your infant you can try the Smurfs Gargamel outfit or the Smurfs Bunting for your smallest Smurf if you want to switch it up.

This classic children’s TV franchise features a group of small, fictional, blue beings called Smurfs that are chased by Gargamel. A Belgian cartoonist, Pierre Culliford, first created the series in 1958. The word Smurf first originated from the French word, Schtroumpff, which was later translated to Dutch and then became Smurf. The rest is Smurf history.

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Girls The Smurfs Movie Smurfette Romper Costume Description:

Smurf-blue romper with attached jumper-dress and headpiece. Attached smurf-foot shoe covers, snap closures at the legs for easy changes. Celebrate more than 50 years of the adventures of this mythical race of little blue creatures with all of rubie’s officially licensed smurfs costumes and accessories.

Rubie’s Costume Smurfs: The Lost Village Child’s Papa Smurf Costume, Multicolor, Small Description:

Smurf costume jumpsuit with shoe covers, hat and mittens. Important: costumes are sized differently than clothing, consult the rubie’s children’s size chart image and recent reviews to make best selection. Officially licensed smurfs: the lost village costume, only items sold and shipped by amazon can be guaranteed authentic.

Smurfs Movie Papa Smurf Costume Description:

Papa Smurf costume features a one piece jumpsuit fashioned to look like a blue Smurf wearing red pants, fastens in the back. Also includes red hat headpiece with attached moustache and beard. Celebrate more than 50 years of the adventures of this mythical race of little blue creatures with all of Rubie’s officially licensed Smurfs costumes and accessories.

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