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Always a favorite our Smurfs costumes with characters dressed up in blue might be the perfect costume group for your family.  If you are feeling blue around Halloween, then grab a Smurf costume and celebrate this classic television series.  You are sure to no longer be blue after your party!

Everyone knows who the Smurfs are, which makes them an excellent Halloween costume, even if they can’t quite figure out what they are!    The best costume options to transform yourself into a Smurf are probably to choose between serving as Papa Smurf or Smurfette.  But if you are looking to create a group of Smurfs, then costumes for Grouchy, Brainy and other smurfs are also available.  And don’t forget to have someone in the group dress in a Gargamel costume.

The smurfs are a great costume for the family.  If you and your family love these little blue guys then there are ample opportunities for costumes available to suit your themed party or event.  For your baby or toddler you can use a Smurf or Smurfette costume.  And dad can wear an adult Papa Smurf costume as well.  Also for your infant you can try the Smurfs Gargamel outfit or the Smurfs Bunting for your smallest Smurf if you want to switch it up.

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This classic children’s TV franchise features a group of small, fictional, blue beings called Smurfs that are chased by Gargamel. A Belgian cartoonist, Pierre Culliford, first created the series in 1958. The word Smurf first originated from the French word, Schtroumpff, which was later translated to Dutch and then became Smurf. The rest is Smurf history. Don’t Have a Cow, Man! Get a Bart Simpson costume before you have to eat my shorts! If you’re looking for some Simpsons costumes for Halloween, then there are many available. They may include Duffman Classic Muscle outfit for adults, the Duffwoman Deluxe adult costume, and a Marge and Homer Deluxe adult ensemble. If you like the idea of a mask, then there are full face ones for both Homer and Bart. About The Simpsons Matt Groening created this animated family for the Fox network. The Simpsons parodies the American working class family in Springfield, somewhere. Although there are many Springfields in the U.S. it’s an ongoing joke in the series that we never know where their Springfield is. The Simpsons are composed of dad Homer, mom Marge, sister Lisa (a genius!), Homer (bad boy) and baby Maggie (who never utters a word except for one by Elizabeth Taylor in a single episode). Groening had a Life in Hell series and he initially thought of The Simpsons as part of this. When Groening realized that he’d have to give up his life’s work because of publication conflicts, he named and then reformulated this dysfunctional family. Bart come from the anagram for brat. The Simpsons, as a family, first appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. It is a hugely popular series on TV now, is still in production, and The Simpsons have a virtual reality ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, in the allied park of Islands of Adventure. The TV series has earned several Emmys and there have been a couple of feature movies, too. One of the funniest episodes is set in a park similar to Legoland. Even the leeches are those little snap-together building blocks. When Groening conceived the idea he used his own family’s names, but Bart was a substitute for his own. The first shorts ran for three years on the Ullman show then it was developed into a half hour show and then aired right in the middle prime time. This was a boon to Fox as it was their first series to be in the Top 30 ratings during 1989 to 1990.