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Oh My God. We Killed Kenny!  By making him try on one of these fabulous South Park costumes to buy. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of adult costumes for this animated series for men and women. If you are looking for a South park costume for Kyle, Stan, Cartman or Kenny, start shopping from this great collection of Halloween costumes for sale now:


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If you have four people, and a sense of humor, then you may thrive in a South Park costume.  You have your choice of buying a costume for Kenny, Stan, Cartman, or Kyle.  Or, should you prefer to put together your own costume, you can just buy a mask for each cartoon character.   These four boys are the core of South Park, and the costumes and masks are tied in very well to the animated concept.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created this animated sitcom to make adults laugh. It airs on Comedy Central and often has dark and satirical and surreal humor, along with crude language. The four boys, Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny, are constantly having adventures and often getting into all sorts of trouble, in South Park, Colorado. In a documentary made in 2004, South Park ranked third, after The Simpsons and Tom & Jerry, as one of the one hundred greatest cartoons. The series will continue through at least its 22nd season, because of its popularity among mature audiences who appreciate its often dark humor.

South Park costume ideas:

Kenny costume:Become Kenny McCormick, the parka hood wearing South Park character with oft-muffled and indiscernible speech. He was best known for the running gag in the first five seasons of the show where he would suffer an excrusiating death before returning alive and well in the next episode.

Kyle costume: Become Kyle Broflovski, the intelligent and compassionate child of South Park that is sure to be the voice of reason whenever it is needed to solve a problem. He also has exceptional skills with computers. Don't forget to honor his Jewish upbringing if you are truly playing this character.

Stan costume: Become Stan Marsh, the average all-American fourth grader who happens to live in one of the craziest places on Earth. He is super best friends with Kyle and his greatest talent may be his athletic abilities, since he is quarterback of the football team and has many other talents.

Cartman costume:Become Eric Cartman, who has created an unstable friendship with the other three main characters even though they do not know why they started hanging out with him. Cartman is sometimes the main antagonist of episodes - it is notable that he has a very large criminal record and has been arrested six times.

South Park Costume Accessories

When it comes to South Park costume accessories, you have a wide range of options to choose from to recreate the unique and hilarious characters from the show. Here are some accessory ideas to bring your South Park costume to life:

Hats: Hats are a prominent accessory in South Park, and each character has their own signature headwear. For example, Stan Marsh is known for his blue and red puffball hat, Kyle Broflovski wears an orange ushanka hat, Eric Cartman sports a green and yellow knit hat, and Kenny McCormick is recognized by his iconic orange parka hood.

Glasses: Many characters in South Park wear glasses, such as Kyle's square-framed glasses, Stan's round glasses, and Professor Chaos's villainous-looking eyewear. Adding the right pair of glasses to your costume can instantly help you embody the character's appearance.

Props: Various props can enhance your South Park costume. For example, if you're dressing up as Eric Cartman, consider carrying a small plush toy of his beloved stuffed animal, Clyde Frog. You could also include a prop like a toy lightsaber for Butters as his alter ego, Professor Chaos.

Shoes: Footwear is another important accessory to consider. Characters in South Park typically wear simple shoes, such as sneakers or boots. You can choose the appropriate footwear based on the character you're portraying, whether it's Stan's blue sneakers, Kenny's orange boots, or any other character's distinctive shoe style.

Jewelry and Accessories: Some characters in South Park have specific jewelry or accessories that define their look. For instance, Chef wears a gold medallion necklace, Mr. Garrison is often seen with his glasses on a chain around his neck, and Mr. Slave has a choker collar. Adding these small details can help you capture the essence of the character.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for South Park Costumes

South Park offers plenty of opportunities for group costumes and couples costume ideas. Here are a few suggestions:

The Four Main Characters: Get together with friends and dress up as the four main characters of South Park: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Each person can embody their chosen character and recreate their iconic outfits, including their respective hats and accessories.

The Adults of South Park: Create a group costume inspired by the adults of South Park, including characters like Randy Marsh, Sheila Broflovski, Mr. Garrison, and Chef. Each member can choose their favorite adult character and dress up accordingly, capturing their unique personalities and attire.

South Park Elementary Students: If you're looking for a larger group costume, consider dressing up as the students of South Park Elementary. Each person can choose a different student character, such as Butters, Tweek, Craig, or Token, and recreate their outfits with attention to detail.

South Park Couples: For couples costume ideas, you can go as Stan and Wendy, Kyle and Bebe, or any other South Park couple. Coordinate your outfits to reflect the characters' style and create a fun and recognizable duo costume.

Remember, South Park is known for its irreverent humor and satirical take on pop culture and current events. Embrace the distinct personalities of the characters and have fun creating your South Park-inspired costumes!

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