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These colorful characters appeal to the very young in many ways.  There are a variety of costumes available for them, and a few good ones include a Po adult outfit, a Tinky Winky infant costume, a Dipsy toddler ensemble, a Laa-Laa toddler costume, a Tinky Winky adult outfit, and a Po infant or toddler costume.  Pick your favorite color and TeleTubbies character!

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The TeleTubbies are fictional humanoids who are pretty round as well as being covered with fur-like fleece. They have large eyes and faces like children. They also have TV monitors in their tummies and can receive signals through them. There’s an antenna on their heads. For the colors, and how you can tell them apart — Dipsy is green, Tinky Winky is purple, Po is red, and Laa-Laa is yellow. These charming characters play in Teletubbyland. They love to roll in the grass, run around, laugh, plus watch real kids shown on the TVs in their tummies. They know what activities are scheduled because pinwheels and a speaker rise up like a sprinkler system to announce each day’s activities. The sun often laughs at these TeleTubbies and their antics. It rises to begin the show then sets at the end. This show came from the BBC in Britain and ran from 1997 through 2001. The creators of the show wrote every one of the 365 episodes. The series was syndicated in the US on PBS and it was on the air until the middle of 2005. The series has been cancelled for several years now. TeleTubbies had high production values and achieved top commercial and critical success. It even won a Bafta award in 2002.

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