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Buy a Where the Wild Things Are costume for your child this Halloween to replay the story of runaway Max and Wild Thing Carol from the 2009 movie. Originally a 1963 children’s picture book by Maurice Sendak that won the annual Caldecott Medal as the most distinguished American picture book for children, it has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide. Shop our selection of Where the Wild Things Are costumes to bring this picture book to life for your children this October:

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"Where the Wild Things Are" is a highly cherished children's book written by Maurice Sendak. The story, which is filled with vibrant and imaginative illustrations, focuses on a young boy named Max who, after being sent to his room without dinner for misbehaving, embarks on an extraordinary journey to the land of the Wild Things. Throughout its narrative, "Where the Wild Things Are" beautifully explores themes of imagination, childhood rebellion, and the inherent need for love and understanding.

The storytelling prowess of Sendak shines through the narrative, with his unique ability to tap into the mind of a child. The story has a dreamlike quality, reflecting the fantastical and chaotic world of a child's imagination. Despite its brief length, the book provides an impactful narrative that has made it a classic in children's literature.

Where the Wild Things Are Characters

Max, the main character, is a young boy with a vivid imagination and a touch of rebellion. After being punished by his mother, Max's room transforms into a jungle, and he sails to an island inhabited by the Wild Things. His character is a symbol of youthful defiance and the boundless power of imagination.

The Wild Things are fantastical creatures that inhabit the island to which Max sails. They are initially terrifying with their sharp claws, horns, and fangs. However, they quickly become fond of Max and make him their king. Each Wild Thing is unique, embodying different aspects of Max's personality and emotions.

Where the Wild Things Are Costume Accessories

A Max costume would require a wolf onesie, representing the wolf suit that Max wears in the story. You could also add a paper crown, denoting Max's position as the king of the Wild Things. To make it more authentic, a toy boat can be added to symbolize Max's journey to the island.

For a Wild Thing costume, focus on their unique features like horns, claws, and scales. An animal onesie could serve as a base, with added faux fur, feathers, or scales to match the creature's appearance in the book. Don't forget to include a tail and a mask or face paint to create their monstrous faces.

Group and couples costume ideas for Where the Wild Things Are Costumes

For group costumes, the book provides a plethora of Wild Things to choose from. Each member of the group can embody a different Wild Thing, allowing everyone to bring their own interpretation of the characters to life. You can have a group of Wild Things with one person as Max, perfectly representing the dynamic in the story.

For couples, a Max and Wild Thing costume duo would be a unique and fun choice. One person could dress as Max in his wolf suit and crown, while the other could take on the guise of a Wild Thing. This allows both people to be a part of the same narrative world, while also displaying the charming relationship between Max and the Wild Things.

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Detigee Baby Boy First Birthday Outfit Baby1st Birthday Outfit Set King of The Wild Things Romper with Crown and Tail Description:

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Where The Wild Things Are Boys’ Toddler Max’ Cotton Pajama Set Description:

ABOUT THE BRAND: Author Maurice Sendak wrote Where the Wild Things Are in 1963. This children’s picture book continues to be a bestseller.
Perfect for a Christmas Gift or Holiday present! Make every night before bed a Reading Slumber Party! Read your favorite Where the Wild Things Are book and wear the matching PJ!
CARE INSTRUCTIONS & FIT: Machine Wash. Our Pajamas are compliant with CPSC legal and safety guidelines. Children’s Cotton Pajamas are required to be tight fit, and your true size will be snug fitting. If you need a roomy fit, order a size up. Questions? Contact us and we will help you select the right size for your child. Flame Resistant (FR) Pajamas (Polyester) are manufactured with flame resistant yarns. They are a normal fit and not snug fitting. Please review the size chart before ordering!

Where The Wild Things Are Max Wolf Adult Costume Description:

Tan. Outer covering: 100% Polyester. Inner Lining: 80% Polyester 20% Cotton.

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