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Is your church putting out a nativity scene this Christmas.  Why not be part of the act with one of these Christmas Nativity costume.

Our nativity costume options include Joseph, Mary, Shepherds and the three Wise Men. They make wonderful biblical costumes or Christmas costumes.

History of Nativity Scenes and Nativity Sets
Religious worshipers have reenacted the depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Luke and Matthew at Christmas for hundreds of years. Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first living nativity scene in 1223.

Churches in the 1300s began displaying figurines made out of wood, marble or terracotta. These depictions of the birth of Jesus Christ are now known as nativity sets. Over the years, their display spread from churches to the wealthy upper class and finally to the homes of other classes of religious observers. Basic sets now include five pieces: the stable, a manger, baby Jesus, and his parents Mary and Joseph. Larger sets can include a variety of other pieces, including the the shepherds, the Wisemen, the Angel Gabriel, a variety of barn animals and the star of Bethlehem.

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Nativity Characters

One of the central characters in the Nativity story is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary is usually portrayed as a young woman, full of grace and humility. She is often dressed in robes of blue or white, symbolizing her purity and faithfulness. Her character is crucial to the story, as it is her acceptance of the angel Gabriel's message that sets the entire Nativity story in motion.

Joseph, Mary's husband, is another pivotal character. Often shown as a strong, silent type, Joseph is the protective figure in the story, providing support to Mary during their journey to Bethlehem and in the stable where Jesus is born. He is usually depicted wearing simple, earth-toned robes and often has a staff, symbolizing his occupation as a carpenter.

The baby Jesus, while not having any dialogue, is the focus of the Nativity story. The newborn is typically represented by a doll wrapped in a simple white cloth, lying in a manger, signifying his humble birth.

The Three Wise Men, or Magi, are portrayed as kings from the East who follow a star to find the newborn King and present Him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Their exotic robes and crowns highlight their royal status and the importance of their journey.

Other notable characters include the Shepherds, who are informed of Jesus' birth by angels and come to pay homage, and the Angel Gabriel, who announces the coming birth of Jesus to Mary.

Nativity Costume Accessories

The accessories for a Nativity costume can add depth and realism to the characters. For Mary, a simple white head covering or veil can signify her purity and modesty. For Joseph, a carpenter's tool or staff can enhance his persona. The baby Jesus, typically represented by a doll, can be wrapped in a white cloth to depict swaddling clothes.

The Wise Men can be embellished with crowns or turbans and carry boxes or chests that represent the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. For shepherds, a simple crook or staff can be a fitting accessory, along with a rustic, woven cloak. The Angel can carry a trumpet or a scroll, and wings and a halo are also common accessories.

Group and couples costume ideas for Nativity costume

A Nativity-themed costume is inherently a group theme, given the number of characters involved in the story. A group could easily include Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, shepherds, and angels. This theme can be especially fitting for family or community events during the Christmas season.

For couples, dressing up as Mary and Joseph is the most obvious choice. It could be especially poignant for an expectant couple. Another idea could be to represent two of the Wise Men, or a shepherd and an angel. The most important thing is to capture the spirit of peace, joy, and wonder that is at the heart of the Nativity story.

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Alexanders Costumes Story of Christ Biblical Gown Child Costume, Black, Medium Description:

Includes gown only. All other accessories pictured sold separately
Size: child size 4-6, up to chest 38, length 40
Great for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other dress-up occasions

Forum Novelties Men’s Biblical Times Wise Man Costume Description:

Blue velvet robe
matching headpiece
gold sash

Forum Novelties Child Mary Costume Description:

SM (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14)
Includes: Headpiece, Robe And Belt

Forum Novelties Women’s Biblical Times Lady Of Faith Costume Description:

Biblical times lady of faith costume includes robe, belt, and headpiece
Standard size fits most women with a bust size of 34-38 inches and a waist size of 26-32 inches
To care for, hand wash gently and line dry

Forum Novelties Men’s Biblical Emerald Wiseman Adult Costume Description:

Emerald Wiseman Biblical adult costume
Includes headpiece, cape, shirt, belt, and pants
Additional accessories sold separately

Forum Men’s Value Biblical Robe Description:

Biblical times long-sleeved costume robe
Includes matching hat
Standard fits up to chest size 42, x-large fits up to a 48-inch chest

Adult Saint Joseph Costume Description:

California Costumes Men’s Saint Joseph Adult for sale for Halloween. Top with corset styling, skirt, hip wrap, head tie. Top.

Adult Virgin Mary Costume Description:

Dress with attached cape. Headpiece.

Adult Moses Costume Description:

Tunic. Robe. Belt.

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