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Buy a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood costume for your child this Halloween. We can help you find the right Daniel Tiger costume or other characters such as Katerina. Choose from your favorite costume from the animated series inspired by Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated television show for preschoolers that builds on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. These kids costumes include options for Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat costumes. Katerina is O the Owl's neighbor who ives in the treehouse with Henrietta Pussycat, her mom. She loves to do ballet and play dress up. Daniel Tiger is the grown up son of Fred Rogers' puppet and the best friend a preschooler could have!

We don't have outfits for O the Owl, Prince Wednesday or Miss Elaina yet, but maybe one day someone will make them so we can offer them here.

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