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Crash Test Dummy Costume Accessories

If you're looking for a unique and attention-grabbing costume, dressing up as a crash test dummy is a fun and creative choice. To enhance your crash test dummy costume, there are several accessories you can consider. Whether you want to add a touch of authenticity or incorporate humorous elements, here are some options:


A helmet is a key accessory to complete the crash test dummy look. Look for a helmet that resembles the style of a safety helmet used by crash test dummies. Choose a helmet with a vibrant color like bright yellow, orange, or red to create a striking visual impact.

Safety Vest

A safety vest is another important accessory to capture the essence of a crash test dummy. Look for a high-visibility vest in neon colors such as yellow, orange, or green. The vest should have reflective strips to mimic the safety features of crash test dummies.

Body Armor

To mimic the appearance of a crash test dummy's protective padding, consider wearing body armor or padded clothing. Look for clothing items like padded jackets, vests, or knee and elbow pads. These accessories will not only add to the costume's authenticity but also provide a touch of humor.

Crash Test Dummy Stickers

To add a touch of detail and humor to your costume, consider attaching crash test dummy stickers to your helmet, clothing, or accessories. These stickers often feature humorous slogans or warning signs associated with crash tests. They can be found in stores or online, or you can even create your own custom stickers.

Wrench and Toolbox

For an added comedic effect, carry a wrench and a toolbox as props. This represents the tools used by crash test engineers to assemble and disassemble crash test dummies. Choose oversized or comically large props to enhance the humorous aspect of your costume.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for a Crash Test Dummy Costume

Crash test dummy-themed costumes offer great opportunities for group or couples' ensembles. Here are some ideas to consider:

Crash Test Engineering Team

Gather a group of friends and dress up as a crash test engineering team. Each member can portray a crash test dummy, complete with helmets, safety vests, and body armor. This idea allows for a cohesive and entertaining group costume, showcasing the teamwork and humor associated with crash test dummies.

Crash Test Dummy Car Collision

For a creative and visually striking group costume, create a crash test dummy car collision scene. Each member can dress up as a crash test dummy in various poses, mimicking different stages of impact. Incorporate props like car parts, crumpled foil or cardboard to represent a crashed car, and even traffic cones or caution tape for added authenticity.

Crash Test Dummy and Crash Test Engineer

For a couples' costume, one person can dress up as a crash test dummy, complete with all the necessary crash test dummy accessories. The other person can portray a crash test engineer, wearing a lab coat, safety glasses, and carrying a clipboard or a set of tools. This pairing showcases the dynamic relationship between the dummy and the engineer, adding a touch of humor to the costume.


Crash test dummy costumes offer a unique and lighthearted approach to dress-up. By incorporating accessories like helmets, safety vests, body armor, crash test dummy stickers, and props like wrenches and toolboxes, you can create an authentic and humorous crash test dummy ensemble. And if you're dressing up as a group or a couple, consider ideas like a crash test engineering team, a crash test dummy car collision scene, or a crash test dummy and crash test engineer duo. So buckle up, embrace the humor, and have a crashingly good time with your crash test dummy-themed costume.

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Orion Costumes Mens Crash Test Dummy Funny Fancy Dress Costume Suit Outfit Description:

Please note: Estimated Delivery is actually 7 – 10 Working Days. Tracked service as Standard.
Crash your next party with this fantastic novelty costume, ideal for generating an impact.
Includes a yellow and black crash test dummy style jumpsuit with attached safety badges.

Plus Size Crash Test Dummy Costume 3X Description:

100% polyester poplin fabric
Jumpsuit has front zipper, elastic back waistband
Printed graphics include “LARRY”, stripes & circles

Smiffy’s Men’s Second Skin Suit Crash Dummy Costume Description:

Adult Unisex Crash Dummy Second Skin, Including: Bum bag, Concealed Fly and Under Chin Opening, Ideal for outdoor or indoor events, Perfect for Carnival and Theme parties. Size L: Chest: 42-44 inch, Waist: 36-38 inch, Inside Leg: 33 inch, lightweight material for comfort avoids overheating. Easy to put on and take off, Visits to the toilet made easy thanks to zipper on back!.

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