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Steven Universe Characters

Steven Universe is an animated television series known for its inclusive and heartfelt storytelling. The show follows the adventures of Steven Universe, a young boy who discovers he is part of a magical team called the Crystal Gems. Alongside Steven, there are several main characters who contribute to the rich and diverse world of the series.

Steven Universe: Steven Universe is the titular character and the heart of the show. He is a kind-hearted and optimistic boy with a unique blend of human and gem powers. Steven is eager to learn and grow, and his journey centers around understanding his identity and embracing love and acceptance.

Garnet: Garnet is the fusion of two gems, Ruby and Sapphire, and serves as the calm and composed leader of the Crystal Gems. She possesses tremendous strength and wisdom, and her third eye symbolizes her future vision ability. Garnet is a symbol of stability and love.

Pearl: Pearl is a sophisticated and precise gem who is deeply dedicated to protecting and guiding Steven. She is highly skilled in combat and possesses a strong sense of duty. Pearl's graceful movements and love for beauty add elegance to the show.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a carefree and adventurous gem who often serves as the comedic relief of the group. She possesses shape-shifting abilities and has a playful and rebellious personality. Amethyst teaches Steven the importance of self-acceptance and embracing his uniqueness.

Peridot: Peridot initially serves as an antagonist but later joins the Crystal Gems. She is a highly intelligent and analytical gem with a distinctive limb-enhancer technology. Peridot's journey revolves around personal growth and finding her place among the Crystal Gems.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is a complex and powerful gem who has a deep connection to water. She initially struggles with her past trauma but finds solace and healing through her friendship with Steven. Lapis Lazuli represents resilience and emotional growth.

Steven Universe Costume Accessories

If you're looking to dress up as a character from Steven Universe, there are several costume accessories available to help you embody their unique looks.

Gemstone Props: Each character in Steven Universe possesses a gemstone on their body. You can create or purchase gemstone props that resemble the specific gemstone associated with the character you want to portray. Attach the gemstone to a headband, necklace, or bracelet to represent their gem placement.

Character Clothing: Steven Universe characters have distinct clothing styles that reflect their personalities. Consider wearing clothing that matches the color scheme and design of the character you want to dress up as. Look for T-shirts, dresses, or hoodies featuring the character's signature colors and patterns.

Wigs or Hairstyling: Many Steven Universe characters have unique hairstyles. You can style your own hair to resemble the character's hairstyle, or wear a wig for a more accurate portrayal. Look for wigs that match the character's hair color and style, whether it's Steven's curly hair or Pearl's sleek updo.

Accessories: Pay attention to the accessories that the characters wear. For example, Pearl is often seen with her signature spear, so you can carry a prop spear to complete your Pearl costume. Similarly, consider incorporating other character-specific accessories such as Garnet's gauntlets or Amethyst's whip.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Steven Universe

If you're attending a costume event as a group or a couple, there are several fun ideas to incorporate Steven Universe characters into your ensemble.

The Crystal Gems: Gather a group of friends and dress up as the Crystal Gems. Each person can choose a different character to portray, allowing you to showcase the diversity and unity of the Crystal Gems team.

Steven and Connie: For a heartwarming duo costume, one person can dress up as Steven while the other can go as Connie. This pairing represents the close friendship and shared adventures between the two characters.

Fusion Gems: Fusion is a prominent theme in Steven Universe, where two or more gems merge to form a new and unique character. Consider dressing up as a fusion gem by combining costumes and accessories from different characters to create a fusion gem of your own. Let your creativity and imagination run wild!

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