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Better watch the placement of your friends hands and feet while wearing a Twister costume at Halloween!

We know that you aren’t here to take a look at the traditional adult version of the board game costume for adult women.  We’re pretty sure that you are looking for one of the sexy Twister costume dresses that feature different patterns and sizes of dots.    And isn’t the graduation cap with spinner on top from some of these costumes fabulous?  Have you seen the handbag spinner, too?

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Twister was invented in 1965 but credit for the game is still a bit controversial. Some say that the game was invented by Reyn Guyer. The US patent office lists Chuck Finley and Neil Rabens as the inventors, however, and denies the involvement of Guyer, whose father owned the company where Finley and Rabens worked. Regardless, the game was sold to Milton Bradley who changed the name to Twister and made it available for sale to the American public. In 1966, it became a monster hit when Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor famously played the game on the Tonight Show. Three million copies of the game were sold that year. It has since been played by more than 65 million players worldwide.

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