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Buy a Doc McStuffins costume to transform your child this Halloween into Dottie, the 6-year old girl who cares for her stuffed animals and toys in a playhouse clinic. When she wears her stethoscope, her toys, dolls and stuffed animals magically come to life.

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Doc McStuffins Costume Accessories

If you're looking to dress up as Doc McStuffins, there are several costume accessories available to help you embody her caring and imaginative spirit.

Doctor's Coat: Doc McStuffins is always ready to diagnose and heal her toys. Look for a white doctor's coat or lab coat to wear over your clothing. This accessory instantly transforms you into a little doctor, just like Doc McStuffins.

Stethoscope: A stethoscope is an essential accessory for a Doc McStuffins costume. It symbolizes her ability to listen to her toys' hearts and diagnose their ailments. Look for a toy stethoscope that you can wear around your neck to complete your costume.

Toy Medical Bag: Doc McStuffins carries a medical bag filled with her tools and supplies. Look for a small toy medical bag or create one using a colorful tote bag. Fill it with toy medical instruments like band-aids, a toy syringe, and a toy thermometer.

Name Badge: To add authenticity to your costume, create or print a Doc McStuffins name badge with her name and a picture of her famous stethoscope. Attach it to your coat or wear it as a necklace to showcase your role as the caring and talented doctor.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Doc McStuffins

If you're attending a costume event as a group or a couple, there are several fun ideas to incorporate Doc McStuffins into your ensemble.

The Toy Hospital Team: Gather a group of friends and dress up as the various characters from Doc McStuffins' Toy Hospital. Each person can choose a different character to portray, such as Lambie, Stuffy, or Hallie. This group costume idea showcases the diverse cast of the show and adds a playful dynamic to your ensemble.

Doc McStuffins and the Patient: For a creative duo costume, one person can dress up as Doc McStuffins while the other can go as a patient. The patient can wear pajamas and carry a toy stuffed animal to be examined by Doc McStuffins. This pairing captures the caring and healing relationship between the doctor and her patients.

Remember, when dressing up as Doc McStuffins, embrace her caring and nurturing qualities. Let your imagination run wild and have fun bringing the magical world of the Toy Hospital to life!

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Doc Mcstuffins Dress Up Set Description:

Includes Doc’s signature white labcoat and separate striped shirt
Play glittered otoscope, bandage cuff bracelet
Sparkly headband completes the look

Disguise Disney Doc McStuffins Tutu Deluxe Girls’ Costume One Color, Medium/7-8 Description:

Quality materials used to make Disguise products
Fun, Colorful, Inventive designs to put you in the world of role play
Whether it’s Halloween, birthday parties, or even a fun filled night, disguise is good for everything!

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital On-The-Go Pet Carrier – Whispers Description:

Help your furry friends feel their best with on-the-go checkups. The new Toy Hospita lOn-the-Go Pet Vet Carrier from Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins comes with a loveable plush pet Findo. The carrier has a brand new look featuring fun glittered accents and a see through top to help you perform check-ups in style. The carrier holds every tool you need to take great care of your precious pet pal, including a stethoscope, pet hair brush, otoscope, and a 2-in-1 water and food bowl
Carrier with handle for easy transport of pet and all accessories.
Comes with plush pet Findo.

Disguise – Girl’s Doc McStuffins Costume Description:

Includes: Dress, Vest, Leggings, Headband, And Toy Stethoscope
Shoes Not Included

Just Play Disney Doc McStuffins Dress Up Doctor Coat Costume Set Description:


Disguise Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume for Kids Description:

Includes dress, leggings, faux coat, stethoscope and headband. This is an officially licensed item.

Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Dress Up Set, by Just Play Description:

Doc mcstuffins is a everyone’s favorite toy doctor! Girls enjoy pretending to be doc and nurturing.
Features fun and sparkly tools and accessories, perfect for your little doc-in-training.
Includes doctor’s lab coat, striped shirt, play stethoscope, name badge and headband.

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