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Top gun costumes feature Maverick, Goose, and Charlie character costumes.  Do you feel the need … the need for speed? Strap yourself into the cockpit while wearing a Top Gun costume and prepare to reach Mach 1 while engaged in a dogfight with enemy fighters.  Buy now and have our costume delivered in a few days.

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Top Gun is the Navy’s tactical fighter pilot training program. The school was the subject of a blockbuster 1986 movie by Tony Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures. It follows pilot Pete Mitchell, call sign Maverick, through the school, along with his navigator, Goose, and a female flight instructor call sign Charlie, played by Kelly McGillis.

Top Gun will return in 2019 with the Top Gun 2 movie currently titled Top Gun: Maverick.

Maverick Costumes: Get your Pete Mitchell costume before the release of Top Gun 2, as Maverick returns to Miramar to train the next generation of U.S. Navy fighter pilots in aerial combat. Don't forget that you had better brush up on your beach volleyball skills because you will always have to get a game in with the other fighter jocks before dinner.

Goose Costumes: Get the flight suit worn by Nick Bradshaw (call sign "Goose") as Tom Cruise's R.I.O (Radio Intercept Officer) in the first half of the Top Gun movie. He is with maverick when they go fae to face to keep up relations with a MiG-28 in a 4G inverted dive. Goose is played by Anthony Edwards.

Charlie Costumes: Become civilian instructor and astrophysicist Charlotte Blackwood (call sign "Charlie"), who is also Maverick's love interest. Charlie is played by Kelly McGillis.

So whether you are just looking for an elite fighter pilot costume or you are getting ready for some action in a Top Gun 2 costume, get excited as there are plenty of costume ideas stemming from this movie.