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Flintstones costumes will send your family back to the stone ages this Halloween. To transform your family into the first family of Bedrock, you can get yourself a terrific Fred Flintstone costume, as well as one for his favorite cavewoman, Wilma. There are a number of Halloween costumes available for Fred and Wilma Flintstone, the main characters of the show, and their baby Pebbles.

If you prefer not to be the stars of the show, or simply don’t look like Fred enough to pull him enough, there are still costumes from the Flintstones for you. The neighbors, Barney and Betty Rubble and their baby Bamm-Bamm, also have their own ensembles. Both men’s costumes are available in different sizes, to suit most all Barneys and Freds!

The Flintstones makes for a tremendous group costume as well because there are a host of different characters that came from the Flintstones. So grab your neighbors and dress everybody up to go together to the Halloween party! They include the Flintstones’ “dog” Dino, which is a dinosaur. This is the perfect costume for your own dog, plus there’s a Dino costume for your child as well. If you have a teen who’s into The Flintstones then there’s also a teen version of the Pebbles character, for them. Another wonderful character in this series is a kangaroo called Hoppy, who acts as the babysitter. An alien involved in the shenanigans is called The Great Gazoo, and he’s from a planet called Zaitox. With all of these costume ideas, and the instantly recognizable nature of the characters, it makes a great group or couples costume idea.

About The Television Show

The Flintstones is a very popular animated TV series that ran for six years, starting in 1960. Hanna-Barbera produced the show and the appeal was that this animated family and his friends and neighbors were working class. Fred worked in a quarry and moved rocks all day. Vehicles were powered by humans and dinosaurs were part of the landscape. Fred’s signature is a spotted one piece toga with a big tie. He did like to dress up now and then.

There will be a revival of The Flintstones on television through the Fox network’s anticipated tv series scheduled to hit the air in 2013. Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and American Dad!, will produce it. With his prior experience at Hanna Barbera, McFarlane should be a great choice. We look forward to the return of Fred Flintstone and the rest of the gang to our televisions. Until then, if you want to see the Flintstones, you’ll have to buy a costume.

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Flintstones Characters

The Flintstones is a beloved animated television series that depicts the lives of the Flintstone and Rubble families in the prehistoric town of Bedrock. Here are the main characters from the Flintstones:

Fred Flintstone is the main protagonist of the series. He is a hardworking and loyal husband to Wilma and a devoted father to Pebbles. Fred is known for his iconic caveman appearance, including his bare feet, animal-skin tunic, and stone-age accessories like a tie made of a dinosaur bone. His character embodies the lovable yet somewhat bumbling nature of the typical sitcom father.

Wilma Flintstone is Fred's intelligent and supportive wife. She is known for her modern stone-age style, wearing a white dress with one shoulder strap and a pearl necklace. Her hair is styled in a distinctive updo. Wilma's character represents the caring and strong-willed wife and mother.

Barney Rubble is Fred's best friend and next-door neighbor. He is portrayed as a good-natured and slightly more easy-going counterpart to Fred. Barney is known for his simple attire, which includes a short-sleeved shirt, a blue tie, and a pair of tattered trousers. His character brings humor and friendship to the series.

Betty Rubble is Barney's wife and Wilma's best friend. She is depicted as sweet, caring, and somewhat naive. Betty wears a green dress with a scalloped collar and a short ponytail. She often completes her look with a stone necklace and earrings. Betty's character adds a friendly and supportive presence to the show.

Pebbles Flintstone is the daughter of Fred and Wilma. She is portrayed as an adorable and mischievous baby. Pebbles is often seen wearing a pink one-shouldered dress and a bone-shaped hair accessory. Her character represents the joy and innocence of childhood.

Flintstones Costume Accessories

When it comes to dressing up as characters from the Flintstones, incorporating specific costume accessories can help you capture the essence of the show's prehistoric world. Here are some options to consider:

To dress up as Fred Flintstone, start with a tunic made of animal-print fabric or a brown cloth resembling animal skin. Use a dinosaur bone or a large plastic bone as a makeshift tie. Consider wearing a pair of caveman-style sandals or going barefoot. Add a faux stone-age wristwatch or a prop club made of foam or plastic. To complete the look, style your hair in a messy, untamed manner to reflect Fred's caveman appearance.

If you want to portray Wilma Flintstone, look for a white dress with one shoulder strap, similar to a toga. Add a string of pearl beads or a faux pearl necklace. Style your hair in an updo, using a wig or styling it yourself with a bun or twist. Consider wearing white sandals or going barefoot. Carry a small baby doll wrapped in a blanket to represent Pebbles, or place a small toy dinosaur in a sling around your shoulder.

To recreate Barney Rubble's look, wear a short-sleeved shirt in earth tones like orange or brown. Pair it with tattered trousers or shorts. Tie a blue necktie around your collar. Consider wearing brown sandals or going barefoot. To enhance the caveman theme, carry a prop caveman club or use a large bone-shaped dog toy as a humorous accessory.

If you're interested in a Betty Rubble costume, look for a green dress with a scalloped collar and a skirt that reaches knee-length. Add a stone necklace and earrings to complete the look. Style your hair in a short, flipped ponytail or use a wig. Consider wearing white sandals or going barefoot. Carry a small toy dinosaur or a caveman-style purse as a fun accessory.

For a Pebbles Flintstone costume, find a pink one-shouldered dress or use a pink fabric to create a simple dress. Style your baby doll's hair in a wild, tousled manner. Use a bone-shaped hair accessory or clip to mimic Pebbles' signature hairstyle. Consider adding a pair of pink baby booties or shoes to complete the look.

Group and couples costume ideas for Flintstones Costumes

The Flintstones offers fantastic opportunities for group costumes and couples costume ideas. Here are some suggestions:

For a group costume, gather your friends or family members and dress up as the Flintstone and Rubble families. Each person can choose to portray a different character, such as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, or even Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. Coordinate your costumes to recreate the vibrant and colorful world of Bedrock. This ensemble allows for memorable group photos and the chance to relive the adventures of the beloved characters.

If you're attending an event as a couple, consider going as Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone. Fred's costume can feature a tunic made of animal-print fabric, a bone tie, and caveman-style sandals. Wilma's costume should focus on the iconic white dress with one shoulder strap, pearl accessories, and an updo hairstyle. Coordinate your costumes to reflect the loving and humorous relationship between Fred and Wilma. Embrace the charm and nostalgia of the Stone Age.

For a larger group, consider incorporating additional characters from the Flintstones, such as Barney, Betty, or even other memorable characters like Dino or The Great Gazoo. Each person can choose a character they resonate with and bring them to life through costumes and accessories. This allows for a diverse and entertaining group ensemble that captures the essence of the show's humor and characters.

Remember to embrace the whimsical and lighthearted nature of the Flintstones in your costumes and fully immerse yourself in the Stone Age era. Pay attention to the details, such as the iconic clothing, accessories, and hairstyles, to ensure an authentic and memorable costume experience.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Adult Women’s Costume for Cosplay Flintstone’s Betty Rubble HC-497 Description:

Made of Polyester
Great for Halloween and cosplay events
Please refer to the size chart before purchase

HDE Women’s One Shoulder Midi Cocktail Dress Description:

Fitted, curve-hugging dress features an elegant gathered ruched side construction
Fits busts: (S) 32-34 inches (M) 35-37 inches (L) 38-40 inches (XL) 41-43 inches
Perfect for a Halloween costume, bachelorette parties, weddings, prom, & homecoming dances

Flintstones Fred Costume Adult T-Shirt Description:

Color: Orange
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: Adult

Rubie’s Kids Dino Costume Description:

100% Polyester
Purple dinosaur jumpsuit with an attached tail
Attached dino feet and hand covers

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s The Flintstone’s Dino The Dinosaur Adult Costume Description:

Officially licensed Flintstone’s Dino the Dinosaur adult costume
Includes jumpsuit, headpiece, and collar
Available in standard (fits up to chest size 44) and x-large (fits chest size 44-46)

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s The Flintstone’s Barney Rubble Deluxe Costume Description:

Officially licensed Flintstone’s Deluxe Barney Rubble costume. Includes brown coat with faux fur trim, faux fur cuffs, bare feet shoe covers, and wig. Available in standard (fits up to chest size 44) and x-large (fits chest size 44-46).

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s The Flintstone’s Barney Rubble Costume Description:

Officially licensed Flintstone’s Barney Rubble costume. Includes tunic with jagged hemline and edges. Available in standard (fits up to chest size 44) and x-large (fits chest size 44-46).

Secret Wishes Women’s The Flintstones Sassy Adult Betty Rubble Costume Description:

Straight from the stone age, Betty Rubble costume. 4-Pieces: top, skirt, belt, and wig. Secret Wishes sizing: XS 0 to 2, Small 4 to 6, Medium 8 to 10, and Large 10 to 12.

Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s The Flintstone’s Fuller Cut Betty Rubble Costume Description:

Officially licensed Flintstone’s Betty Rubble costume. Includes iconic blue dress, bone belt, and black wig. Look for coordinating The Flintstone’s costumes by Rubie’s for the whole family.

Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s The Flintstone’s Betty Rubble Costume Description:

Officially licensed Flintstone’s Betty Rubble costume. Includes iconic blue dress and foam wig headpiece. Available in standard (fits up to size 12) and large (fits sizes 14-16).

The Flintstones Adult Pebbles Costume Description:

Officially licensed Pebbles comes complete with shirt, shorts, wig and leg covers. Rubies offers a complete line of Flintstones costumes – transform your whole clan in style. Costume officially licensed to Rubies Costume Company – monster or movie star, hero or villain, licensed or unlicensed, Rubies has all the looks you and your kids crave.

The Flintstones Fred Costume Description:

Coat With Collar, Necktie And Cuffs. Also includes wig and fun shoe covers. Made In China.

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume Description:

Licensed Fred Flintstone costume comes with printed tunic and oversized tie. Rubies offers a complete line of Flintstones costumes – transform your whole clan in style. Costume officially licensed to Rubies Costume Company – monster or movie star, hero or villain, licensed or unlicensed, Rubies has all the looks you and your kids crave.

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