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Let your child join Captain Barnacles and crew with an Octonauts costume for Halloween. If they are always ready to dive into action to explore the underseas world, they will be the perfect new member to the team. Shop from our selection of Octonaut costumes this October:

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Captain Barnacles costume: Barnacles Bear is a polar bear and the captain of the crew. Barnacles is also one of its strongest members and the most level-headed. He fancies playing the accordion.

Kwazii Cat Costume: Kwazii is a cat and one of the best drivers of the Octopod that makes reference to his pirate days a lot. Kwazii loves new places, driving fast and storms.

Peso Penguin Costume: This kind-hearted penguin is the Octonauts' medical officer. Peso loves the Xylophone and has a little brother named Pinto.

Tweak Bunny Costume: Become the female engineer that keeps the engine room of the Octopod working and maintains the other Octonaut vehicles. Tweak has a southern accent and is usually found in the launch bay or growing fresh carrots.

Octonauts Costume Accessories

If you're looking to dress up as a character from the Octonauts, there are several costume accessories available to help you embody their adventurous spirit.

Character Hats: Each Octonaut character has a distinctive hat that represents their role on the team. You can find or create hats that resemble the specific character's hat. For example, Captain Barnacles' hat resembles a polar bear, while Kwazii's hat resembles a pirate's hat with cat ears.

Patches and Badges: The Octonauts wear patches and badges on their uniforms to indicate their roles and achievements. Consider creating or purchasing patches or badges that represent the Octonaut character you want to dress up as. These can be attached to a costume or even a hat or vest.

Accessories: Pay attention to the accessories that the Octonauts use on their missions. For example, Captain Barnacles often carries a spyglass, while Kwazii wields a sword. Incorporate these accessories into your costume to capture the essence of the characters.

Colorful Clothing: The Octonauts wear different colored uniforms based on their roles. Choose clothing that matches the color scheme of the character you want to dress up as. You can wear a blue outfit for Captain Barnacles, a red outfit for Kwazii, or an orange outfit for Peso, for example.

Group and Couples Costume Ideas for Octonauts

If you're attending a costume event as a group or a couple, there are several fun ideas to incorporate Octonauts characters into your ensemble.

The Octonauts Team: Gather a group of friends and dress up as the complete Octonauts team. Each person can choose a different character to portray, showcasing the diversity and teamwork of the Octonauts crew.

Captain Barnacles and Kwazii: For a dynamic duo costume, one person can dress up as Captain Barnacles while the other can go as Kwazii. This pairing represents the leadership and adventurous spirit of the Octonauts team.

The Octopod Crew: If you have a larger group, you can dress up as the various crew members of the Octopod. Each person can choose a different character from the team, bringing the underwater exploration theme to life.

Remember, when dressing up as Octonauts characters, embrace their adventurous nature and passion for marine exploration. Let your imagination dive deep into the ocean and have fun exploring the wonders of the sea!

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