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Let your child join Captain Barnacles and crew with an Octonauts costume for Halloween. If they are always ready to dive into action to explore the underseas world, they will be the perfect new member to the team. Shop from our selection of Octonaut costumes this October:

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Captain Barnacles costume: Barnacles Bear is a polar bear and the captain of the crew. Barnacles is also one of its strongest members and the most level-headed. He fancies playing the accordion.

Kwazii Cat Costume: Kwazii is a cat and one of the best drivers of the Octopod that makes reference to his pirate days a lot. Kwazii loves new places, driving fast and storms.

Peso Penguin Costume: This kind-hearted penguin is the Octonauts' medical officer. Peso loves the Xylophone and has a little brother named Pinto.

Tweak Bunny Costume: Become the female engineer that keeps the engine room of the Octopod working and maintains the other Octonaut vehicles. Tweak has a southern accent and is usually found in the launch bay or growing fresh carrots.

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