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Get your Underdog costume from the animated NBC television show from the 1960s and 1970s.  Underdog changes into his superhero outfit in a television booth, like Superman. His outfit is a red sweater with a large U for Underdog and a blue cape.

Underdog was developed as an NBC television show in the 1960s and sponsored by General Mills. New episodes aired from 1964 to 1967 but it remained in syndication until 1973. On tv, Underdog would appear after villains Simon Bar Sinister or Riff Raff harasses Shoeshine Boy’s love interest, Sweet Polly Purebred.

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In 2007, Spyglass Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures released a movie based on the 1960s series. This is the story of a fired bomb squad beagle that is kidnapped by a mad scientist and given super powers. Named Shoeshine by his new adopted family, he adopts the alter ego Underdog for his superhero exploits.

Welcome to our category dedicated entirely to one of the most cherished tales of heroism, resilience, and the true spirit of overcoming the odds - the Underdog movie. The captivating story of a canine superhero has been a favorite among audiences since its inception, and now you have the unique chance to step into the world of Underdog with our collection of Underdog movie-themed costumes. From the valiant Shoeshine Boy to the charming Polly Purebred, immerse yourself in the world of a superhero like no other.

The tale of the unassuming Shoeshine Boy who transforms into the superhero, Underdog, is nothing short of iconic. It's a narrative that appeals to the child in all of us, rooting for the little guy who saves the day. Our costume collection mirrors this journey, offering fans the chance to become the beloved underdog - both in his humble beginnings and his superhero persona.

However, the universe of Underdog is not limited to the titular character alone. The movie is populated with a variety of personalities, each bringing their flavor to the narrative. Think of the dastardly Simon Bar Sinister and his comical sidekick Cad Lackey, or the darling Polly Purebred. These characters offer a different perspective on the Underdog saga, and with our range of costumes, you can explore each facet of this enchanting story.

There's something inherently charming about stepping into a universe where a dog can save the city from menacing villains. This charm translates brilliantly into group or duo costumes. Imagine teaming up as Underdog and Polly, or perhaps taking a comedic route with Simon Bar Sinister and Cad. Group themes breathe life into the narrative, allowing fans to recreate or reimagine iconic scenes from the movie, making any event truly memorable.

For the younger fans, the Underdog story is an invitation to a world of wonder. Kids have a natural affinity for tales that inspire, and Underdog, with his heart and heroism, does just that. Our collection ensures that these young enthusiasts aren't left behind. Tailored for their imaginative escapades, children can don the cape of the hero or the hat of the villain, diving headfirst into their own Underdog adventures.

Costume accessories are often the unsung heroes of any ensemble, and with Underdog, they take center stage. Be it the iconic ring that Underdog uses to store his super energy pill or Polly's signature ribbon, these additions add depth to the costume. Fans can use these props to further immerse themselves in the character, adding authenticity and sparking engagement.

The beauty of an Underdog movie costume lies in its narrative potential. By wearing these outfits, fans aren't just dressing up; they're stepping into a story. This offers numerous opportunities for interaction. Be it delivering Underdog's rhyming speeches, reenacting the hilarious attempts of Simon to defeat our hero, or singing along as Polly - there's a plethora of moments waiting to be explored and experienced.

While the primary occasion for these costumes may be Halloween, their appeal is universal. Themed birthday parties, school events, or even a casual movie marathon night with friends – Underdog costumes are versatile, ensuring they fit seamlessly into any scenario. After all, who wouldn't want to channel the spirit of a superhero dog at any given chance?

In conclusion, the Underdog movie is more than just an animated tale. It's a celebration of the unexpected hero, the one who rises above challenges, defying all expectations. With our collection of Underdog movie costumes, this celebration is yours to partake in. Dive deep into the world of a canine savior, feel the pulse of the city he protects, and embody the spirit of true heroism. In the realm of Underdog, every individual, no matter how unassuming, has the potential to be extraordinary. So, wear your costume with pride, for in the world of Underdog, heroes are not born; they are made!

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SeasonsTrading 48″ Adult Blue Cape – Halloween Costume Party Dress Up Description:

SeasonsTrading custom made blue cape made of smooth & stretchy polyester fabric with pleated neckline & tie closure
48″ long. The edges of the cape are hemmed to strengthen durability.
One size fits most adults

Rasta Imposta Men’s Underdog Costume Description:

Shirt, pants, cape, hat. Officially licensed.

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