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Buy a PJ Masks costume to let your child become a superhero this Halloween. With Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko PJ Masks costumes from the animated Disney Channel series, it is sure to be an adventure when they put on their pajamas and discover their animal amulet has been activated and their superhero alter ego is ready.  Shop for Owlette, Gecko and Catboy costumes here at Funtober:


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Welcome to our PJ Masks costume collection, where the adventures of Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko come to life! For every little hero who dreams of saving the day just like their favorite characters from the hit series, this selection offers the chance to transform into these beloved nighttime defenders of justice. Whether venturing out for trick-or-treating or diving into imaginative play, donning a PJ Masks costume adds a touch of magic to any occasion.

PJ Masks, an animated children's television series, has captured the hearts of kids worldwide. Its delightful narrative revolves around three young friends who, come nighttime, transform into superheroes with the mission of thwarting villains and ensuring the safety of their town. Each character has unique abilities that make them special, and our costume range reflects these individual powers and personas, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the world of PJ Masks.

Catboy, with his agile leaps and exceptional hearing, is a favorite among many. His blue suit adorned with lightening-like markings embodies his swift and agile nature. Those who resonate with Catboy's brave and leader-like qualities can find the perfect costume representing this feline superhero. With the iconic mask and tail details, it's easy to jump into action and feel the rush of a nighttime adventure.

For those drawn to the skies, Owlette's costume is a dream come true. The red suit, symbolic of her ability to soar through the air and spot trouble with her owl eyes, is a testament to her keen instincts and graceful maneuvers. With feathered wings and a matching mask, any young fan can embrace the essence of Owlette, ready to swoop down and save the day at a moment's notice.

And let's not forget Gekko, the master of camouflage with super strength. His green costume, reflective of his connection to reptiles, is both vibrant and dynamic. Equipped with special pads for scaling walls and a tail for added balance, the Gekko costume offers a transformative experience for those who admire his tenacity and team spirit.

Beyond the primary trio, the world of PJ Masks is replete with other colorful characters, both heroes and villains. From the mischievous Romeo with his gadgets to the nimble Night Ninja and his loyal Ninjalinos, there's a character to resonate with every personality type. Our collection aims to cater to a broad spectrum of PJ Masks enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone can find a piece of this magical world to call their own.

Accessories can enhance the overall look and feel of a PJ Masks costume. While many outfits come with accompanying masks to help conceal identities just like in the series, additional items like gloves, shoes, or even character-specific gadgets can be added to complete the ensemble. These little additions not only make the costume more authentic but also enhance the play experience for young fans.

Group costumes are another delightful way to experience the PJ Masks universe. Friends or siblings can team up as the primary trio, or even include some villains in the mix, to recreate iconic scenes from the series or invent entirely new adventures. These group themes can be especially exciting for themed parties or events, allowing kids to engage in collaborative play and forge stronger bonds through shared imaginative experiences.

Given the popularity of PJ Masks across various age groups, our collection caters to a wide range of sizes. This ensures that whether it's a toddler taking their first steps into the world of superheroes or an older child looking to relive favorite episodes, there's a costume that fits just right.

In conclusion, our PJ Masks costume category is a celebration of heroism, friendship, and imagination. It's a tribute to the lessons of teamwork, resilience, and kindness that the series imparts. By offering a range of costumes that embody the spirit of these nighttime heroes, we hope to inspire countless adventures, heroic deeds, and memories that last a lifetime. So, put on that mask, strike a superhero pose, and let the PJ Masks adventures begin!

Help your kids go into the night to save the day in the PJ Masks costume of their favorite character. We have Catboy costumes, Owlette costumes, and Gekko costumes for sale. If you are looking for a group costume for your three kids or friends (two boys and a girl) this will be a great option during Halloween 2018.

Whether your child wants a Catboy costume, Owlette costume, or Gekko costume, we will make sure your child gets their favorite PJ Masks Halloween costume this year:


Connor is a blue-eyed, brown hair boy. He is the leader and the oldest of the PJ Masks. As Catbloy, he wears a blue cat jumpsuit and mask. He is fast, agile and can hear quiet sounds at long distances. He drives the Cat-Car, which moves at high speeds and shoots moth balls. He dislikes the water.


Amaya is the only female member of the PJ Masks, with auburn eyes, brown hair, and wearing red glasses. She transforms into owlette and drives the Owl-Glider. Her home is located between Connor and Greg's houses, with her bedroom on the third-floor of a red-roofed, red-doored house.


Greg is a blonde hair, green-eyed boy that transforms with a green costume plus thick reptilian tail and fins on top of his head. He has the power of camouflage, to go invisible or blend into his surroundings, muscles to lift heavy things, grip to climb walls or anchor himself (such as to stop vehicles) and walk on water. His vehicle is the Gekko-Mobile, which has tank treads to ride up and over buildings or travel underwater as a submersible vehicle.

PJ Masks is an animated children's television series that debuted on Disney Junior in the United States in September 2015. The show is based on the Les Pyjamasques book series from French author Romuald Racioppo. The two main villains in the series are Armadillain, a former member of the PJ Masks seeking revenge because they kicked him off the team, and Romeo, who has invented a variety of vehicles from his mobile lab.

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Pj Masks – Mask Gekko /toys Description:

Transform into your favorite PJ Masks hero with this officially licensed Character Mask!
High quality mask is made of durable plastic in Gekko’s signature colors.
Mask has a soft insert and an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.

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