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Unleash the Care Bear stare on your enemies when you are in a Care Bear costume this Halloween. Low prices, fast shipping and a great selection of adult and kids bear costumes for this October. Start shopping now for the right Care Bear Halloween costumes for men, women, boys and girls:

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Care Bears are a popular toy and character line and they come in several colors, of course.  There are a few super costumes out there, and you can also use a regular bear outfit and accessorize it.  Of the already made Care Bear outfits, you can choose from a Deluxe Plus Bedtime Care Bear ensemble, a toddler's Care Bear Funshine costume, or a toddler's Cheer Bear costume.  There's even a Care Bears costume for adults -- a Sky Blue Care Bears Bedtime Teddy Bear. About The Care Bears This product line was created by American Greetings in 1981.  Elena Kucharik did the original artwork.  Kenner started to make plush teddy bears from the Care Bears design in 1983.  From 1986 to 1988, they starred on television in their own animated tv series on ABC.  These bears also had their own TV special, The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings.  They also starred in The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine.  Three theatrical movies were: The Care Bears Movie, The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, and Care Bears Movie II:  A New Generation. Every Care Bear is a different personality, duty, and color.  Text on the insignia is called their tummy symbol.  In the movie Care Bears:  Oopsy Does It!, the insignia became known as their belly badges.  Care Bear Cousins were added to the family group, and these include a rabbit, lion, raccoon and others.  All of these cousins are in the same style as their friends, the Care Bears.  A product line must grow and progress and sometimes morph into an item which is entirely different.  Care Bears is a charming line and with the addition of new cousins, it remains extremely popular with children of all ages!

Good Luck Bear costume: Good Luck Bear never seems to run out of good luck. He has a bright, positive outlook on life and can create his own four-leaf clovers. He has green fur with a green four-leaf clover for a belly badge.

Share Bear costume: Share Bear is incredibly selfless and would give up her last possession to make someone else happy. In addition to her possessions, she also shares her advice, fun and laughs with others.

Funshine Bear costume: Funshine Bear has yellow fur and a smiling sun for a belly badge. Funshine is able to light up the darkest night and shine a beacon for everyone to see.

Wonderheart Bear costume: Wonderheart is a cub with pink fur and a three-layered heart for her belly badge. She is young, inquisitive and full of wonder.

Bed Time Bear costume: Bedtime has aqua blue fur and a light blue crescent moon with a yellow star on his belly badge.

Tenderheart Bear costume: Tenderheart is a male Care Bear with light brown fur and a red heart on his belly badge.

Cheer bear costume: Cheer bear is very happy and loves to make everyone around her joyous. She has pink fur and a multicolored rainbow on her belly badge.

Grumpy bear costume: Grumpy Bear is the black sheep of the family due to his cynical and rarely happy personality. He has dark blue fur and a storm cloud with small rain drops and hearts for his belly badge.