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Popular since 1999 our Neo and Trinity Matrix costumes are wonderful black outfits inspired by the Matrix movie.  Wonderful fun for a night out or party.  The Matrix is a science fiction film trilogy starring Keanu Reeves that began with the 1999 blockbuster movie about Neo and his journey to be released from the matrix. Given the choice to return to the computer dream state or discover the truth, Neo elects to escape and leads the charge to save humanity by overthrowing their captors.


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"The Matrix" (1999), directed by the Wachowskis, is a groundbreaking science fiction film that revolutionized the genre with its innovative visual effects, philosophical themes, and compelling storytelling. The movie presents a dystopian future where reality, as perceived by most humans, is actually a simulated reality called "the Matrix" created by sentient machines to pacify and subdue the human population. The film follows Thomas Anderson, a programmer who lives a double life as the hacker "Neo," as he is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, led by the enigmatic Morpheus and skilled hacker Trinity.

"The Matrix Reloaded" (2003), the second film in the series, continues the story of the rebellion against the machines. Here, Neo's powers are growing, but so are the stakes as the machines find the human city of Zion and threaten its existence. The film delves deeper into the philosophical and spiritual themes established in the first film, while escalating the action sequences and introducing new characters.

"The Matrix Revolutions" (2003) concludes the trilogy with a final stand against the machine army. Neo, now fully realizing his abilities as "The One," must confront the rogue Agent Smith, whose power has grown beyond control. The movie concludes the series with intense action and a profound exploration of fate, choice, and sacrifice.

Matrix Characters

Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is the protagonist of the series. Initially a computer programmer and hacker, Neo is prophesied to be "The One" who will end the war between humans and machines. Over the course of the trilogy, he grows from a skeptic to a believer, evolving into a messianic figure with extraordinary abilities within the Matrix.

Morpheus, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne, is a leader of the human resistance against the machines. He is a mentor to Neo, firmly believing in the prophecy of "The One." His character is characterized by wisdom, resilience, and unwavering faith in his cause.

Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is a skilled hacker and fighter in the resistance. She plays a significant role in Neo's journey, being the first to introduce him to the reality of the Matrix and eventually becoming his love interest. Her character is marked by her strength, determination, and devotion to Neo and the cause.

Agent Smith, portrayed by Hugo Weaving, is the main antagonist in the series. He is a program in the Matrix designed to keep order but eventually goes rogue, posing a threat to both humans and machines. Smith is characterized by his monotone voice, emotionless demeanor, and ruthless determination to destroy Neo.

Matrix Costume Accessories

Neo's costume can be achieved with a long black trench coat, a black shirt, black trousers, and black sunglasses. Adding a faux leather holster and a toy gun can complete the look.

Morpheus's attire involves a black trench coat, a bald cap, and his signature small, round sunglasses. A toy gun can be added for a more action-oriented look.

For Trinity, a tight black PVC suit or a black leather jacket and pants can be worn. Black sunglasses and a short black wig (if necessary) would complete the costume.

Agent Smith's costume requires a suit and tie, black sunglasses, and a toy gun. A faux earpiece can be added for an extra touch of authenticity.

Group and couples costume ideas for Matrix Costumes

For a group, the characters Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and Agent Smith make a recognizable and exciting ensemble. The black and sleek aesthetic of their costumes is not only instantly identifiable but also brings a cool factor to any gathering.

As for couples, Neo and Trinity make an iconic pair. Their contrasting characters, combined with their compelling love story, make for a great couples costume idea. Alternatively, for a more comedic spin, a couple could go as Neo and Agent Smith, the protagonist and antagonist of the series.

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Charades Men’s Neon Ex Machina Jacket Description:

Solid black floor length faux-leather street fighter jacket with button front
Long sleeve high quality design with black button trim and mock neck collar; jacket only (glasses sold separately)
Important! Costumes are sized differently than apparel, this unisex costume is sized according to the Charades adult men size chart, do not choose based on clothing size

Gothic_Master Neo Cosplay Costume Black Long Trench Coat Description:

Attention! Please carefully refer to the male’s size chart on the left (runs smaller than standard size) to choose your best size. We have women sizes available per our size chart, pls email us for that within 2 days after ordering.
Includes: One long cosplay coat. There can be a few cm size deviations.
Excellent workmanship, each is carefully hand-made by experienced dressmakers

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