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Betty Boop costumes are always crowd favorites during Halloween.  A sexy costume may be just the look for a life of the party girl like you.  Enjoy this fun look considered racy by an older generation.  Times may have changed but the look is classic.

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Betty Boop is the animated cartoon sex symbol from the Depression Era that became one of the world’s most recognizable animated characters. Created by Max Fleischer, Boop appeared first in Dizzy Dishes, an animated short cartoon, on August 9, 1930. Betty Boop spent her first three years as a Jazz Baby, wooing adults with her flapper character and sexuality. After the Production Code of 1934, which restricted the use of sexual innuendos by the Motion Picture Industry, Betty transitioned to a career girl with more conservative attire. But the censorship cost her the adult following which brought her fame. Now uncensored you can choose from these Betty Boop costumes.