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Shop Funtober for Clueless costumes that transform you into Cher, Dionne, and Tai for Halloween.  It’s been 20+ years since we learned that everywhere you go in the Valley has valet, but you’ll be instantly recognized when you sling a few famous quotations from the movie at the party.

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Last Major Update:

Become the famous teenage school girl characters from Bronson Alcott High School when you recreate this iconic 90s teen movie starring Alicia Silverstone.

Cher Horowitz Costume: Try the plaid yellow schoolgirl outfit or the red dress to transform yourself into an adult version of Alicia Silverstone.

Dionne Davenport Costume: Dee is a fashionable young woman of high social standing that serves as Cher's best friend and confidante. She is in a relationship with Murray Duvall for most of the movie.

Tai Frasier Costume: We used to have an outfit for this beloved ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan by Cher and Dionne, who absorb everyone's favorite transfer student into their circle. We will keep an eye out and repost here as soon as we see it available.

Other Possible Characters for Costumes:

Cher's Dad: Mel Horowitz is a litigator who makes $500 an hour. In the movie, he is played by Dan Hedaya.

Josh Lucas: Cher's ex-stepbrother and love interest plans to be a lawyer practicing environmental law.

Christian Stovitz: The transfer that Cher wishes to have sexual intercourse with until she is informed by Dionne's boyfriend Murray that he is gay.

Travis Birkenstock: The stoner and skater boy whose courtship of Tai is temporarily foiled by Cher's attempts to setup Tai with Elton.

Our Favorite Lines from the Movie that anyone wearing a Cher costume needs to be prepared to recite:
"What's the point [of parking]? Everywhere you go has valet."
"A watch doesn't really go with this outfit daddy ... "
"As if!"
"I have direction!"

Group Costumes: Cher and Dee make for an obvious costume pairing for any pair of adult women fans of the Clueless movie.

Similar Ideas:

Schoolgirl Costumes: Cher, Dionne and Tai are all high school students at Bronson Alcott (referred to in the trailer as Beverly Hills High School).

90s Movies: Scream, American Pie and Cruel Intentions are all other 90s teen movies that could be replicated by your group Halloween costumes

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Clueless Dionne Costume Black With Top Skirt Jacket Knee High Socks & Hat Description:

Clueless Dionne Costume
with Jacket

Dreamgirl Women’s Fancy Girl Yellow Plaid Clueless Iggy Schoolgirl Costume Description:

Woven yellow and black plaid button front “Iggy” jacket with matching pleated skirt
Knee high socks and cell phone not included
2 Piece Set

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