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Buy a Walking Dead costume for Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon or one of the other zombie hunting characters from AMC television’s hit series. Based on the comic book series following the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, this post-apocalyptic horror show has been one of the most popular on tv over the past decade. Shop our selection of Walking Dead costumes for a Rick Grimes costume:

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Walking Dead Costumes - Sheriff Rick Grimes, Negan, Zombie Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

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Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead is a popular post-apocalyptic television series that follows a group of survivors as they navigate a world overrun by zombies. Here are some of the main characters from The Walking Dead:

Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, is the central character and former sheriff's deputy who becomes the group's leader. Rick is known for his beard, rugged appearance, and his signature sheriff's hat. He often wears a sheriff's uniform or practical clothing suitable for survival. Rick's character evolves throughout the series as he balances his desire for peace with the harsh realities of the world.

Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, is a skilled warrior and a fan-favorite character. Michonne is recognizable by her dreadlocked hair and her katana sword. She often wears practical and protective clothing, including leather jackets and combat boots. Michonne's character is known for her strength, resourcefulness, and her iconic weapon.

Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus, is a skilled hunter and tracker. Daryl is known for his crossbow, rugged appearance, and his angel wings vest. He often wears a leather jacket, jeans, and boots. Daryl's character embodies survival skills, loyalty, and a tough exterior with a soft heart.

Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, is a resourceful and resilient character. Carol's appearance evolves throughout the series as she transforms from a timid woman to a capable survivor. She often wears practical clothing, such as cargo pants, utility belts, and sturdy boots. Carol's character is known for her adaptability and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her group.

Maggie Greene, portrayed by Lauren Cohan, is a strong and independent character. Maggie is recognizable by her long hair and her determined gaze. She often wears jeans, t-shirts, and a utility belt. Maggie's character embodies resilience, leadership, and the ability to maintain hope in the face of adversity.

Walking Dead Costume Accessories

When it comes to dressing up as characters from The Walking Dead, incorporating specific costume accessories can help you capture the essence of the post-apocalyptic world. Here are some options to consider:

To dress up as Rick Grimes, start with a sheriff's hat, which is a distinctive accessory associated with his character. Look for a brown or beige cowboy hat with a wide brim. Pair it with a sheriff's uniform or practical clothing like a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots. Consider adding a toy gun or holster as props to complete the look. Rick's character represents leadership and survival.

For a Michonne costume, the key accessory is her katana sword. Look for a replica or a toy katana sword to carry with you. Style your hair into dreadlocks or wear a wig that mimics Michonne's hairstyle. Wear practical and protective clothing such as a leather jacket, cargo pants, and combat boots. Consider adding a bandana or a necklace with symbolic charms as additional accessories.

To portray Daryl Dixon, the most iconic accessory is the crossbow. Look for a toy or replica crossbow that resembles Daryl's weapon of choice. Wear a rugged leather jacket, jeans, and sturdy boots. Consider adding a winged vest, either by purchasing or creating your own using fabric and attaching wings to the back. Embrace Daryl's tough and resourceful nature.

For a Carol Peletier costume, focus on practical and utility-based accessories. Consider adding a utility belt with pouches and pockets to hold necessary supplies. Wear cargo pants, sturdy boots, and a jacket or shirt suitable for survival. Consider carrying a prop weapon like a toy knife or a prop pistol. Carol's character represents adaptation and resilience.

To dress up as Maggie Greene, focus on her hairstyle and clothing. Wear long hair or a wig and style it in loose waves. Dress in jeans, t-shirts, and a utility belt. Consider adding accessories like a hat, a scarf, or a pendant necklace to complete the look. Maggie's character embodies strength and determination.

Group and couples costume ideas for Walking Dead Costumes

The Walking Dead provides opportunities for group costumes and couples costume ideas. Here are some suggestions:

For a group costume, gather your friends and dress up as a diverse group of survivors. Each person can choose to portray a different character from The Walking Dead, such as Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, or Maggie. Coordinate your costumes to reflect the rugged and practical nature of the characters. This ensemble allows for dynamic interactions and the recreation of memorable scenes from the series.

If you're attending an event as a couple, consider going as Rick and Michonne. Rick's costume can feature a sheriff's hat, a sheriff's uniform or practical clothing, and a toy gun or holster. Michonne's costume should include her signature katana sword, dreadlocked hair or a wig, and practical clothing like a leather jacket and combat boots. This pairing captures the strong bond and shared experiences between the characters.

For a larger group, consider incorporating additional characters from The Walking Dead, such as other members of the main group, or even iconic zombies from the series. Each person can choose a character they resonate with and bring them to life through costumes and accessories. This allows for a diverse and entertaining group ensemble that showcases the different aspects of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Remember to embrace the gritty and rugged nature of The Walking Dead in your costumes and fully immerse yourself in the survivalist mindset. Pay attention to the details, such as the signature accessories, hairstyles, and clothing, to ensure an authentic and memorable costume experience.

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