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Buy a Mr. T costume to join a group for the A-Team or Rocky opponent Clubber Lang this Halloween. Enjoy low prices, great selection and fast shipping of adult and kids costumes. Shop for your Mr. T costume for this Halloween here at Funtober:

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Born Lawrence Tureaud, Mr. T was the star of the hit 1980s television show A-Team covering four Vietnam special forces vets on the lam from the military police. He also played boxer Clubber Lang in Rocky III, so consider pairing it with a Rocky costume for an epic rematch.

A-Team costumes: Go to your 1980s Halloween party as the main character from this popular '80s television show.

Clubber Lang costume: The heavyweight boxer from Chicago, James Lang, was the main antagonist to Rocky Balboa in Rocky III. He was undefeated and the world's top challenger before their boxing match.

About the A-Team: The first regular season episode of the show aired in 1983 after the Super Bowl. In a 2003 Yahoo poll, the A-Team was declared the oldie show people most wanted to see revived. In 2010, it was the subject of a feature length film.

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