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Dress up in GI Joe costumes this fall as a real American heroes this Halloween.  You have a lot of choices for costumes, including Snake Eyes Classic Muscle for children, Storm Shadow Deluxe for kids, a Cobra Commander for adults, a Scarlett Camo movie for adults, an adult mask for The Doctor, a Duke Classic Muscle costume for children, a Cobra Commander costume kit in adult plus sizes, plus a sexy Baroness Deluxe adult outfit.

Find our modern selection of GI Joe costumes below.  Although consumers buy the majority of our items as Halloween costumes, we ship year round so feel free to order from Funtober whenever you find yourself attending a costume party.


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Snake Eyes Sword


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GI Joe was an action figure line from Hasbro that was created to provide the equivalent of Barbie for boys. The original toy represented the U.S. with the four branches of our armed forces — Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Pilot and Action Marine. Action Nurse was added later. G.I. means Government Issue and was a common term for U.S. soldiers. G.I. Joe itself led to the generic term of action figure. Hasbro used G.I. Joe for two different kinds of toy lines. In 1964 they had twelve realistic action figures. In the U.K., the Palitoy line was called Action Man.
GI Joe received a rebirth in 1982 thanks to Star Wars. Hasbro decided to run a new line of toys against it. In the U.S., there was a relaunch in 1982 to a 3-3/4″ scale and Hasbro brought out playsets, vehicles, and a more complex backstory. The latter was about the ongoing struggle between evil Cobra Command and the G.I. Joe guys. The Cobra Command sought world domination by trying to commit terrorist acts. The American line merged into a Real American Hero line. G.I. Joe team members are not superheroes but they are experts with explosives, weapons, and martial arts.
In 1985, the GI Joe television series launched following the success of the comic book. It would lead to another tv series, two movies, and a toy for hundreds of thousands of boys in the US. Now, following the success of the 2009 movie about GI Joe, there are plans for the release of another movie in 2012.