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Shop our selection of Wild Kratts costumes for your child to enter the animated PBS series where Chris and Martin Kratt encounter wild animals during stories of adventures and mysteries.

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Chris Kratt costume: This Kratt brother is an experienced climber, methodical, and likes to plan before taking action. Chris wears the color green.

Martin Kratt costume: This Kratt brother is an experienced swimmer but also impulsive, emotional, and a bit disorganized. Martin is characterized by the color blue.

The Creature Power Suits designed by Aviva give the user the abilities of various animals when the suits are activated. We have costumes to transform your child into the panther, spider monkey, bat and cheetah.

Wild Kratts is an animated educational children's television series created by Chris and Martin Kratt. The show, which first premiered in 2011, is centered around the real-life zoologist brothers, Chris and Martin, who embark on incredible adventures in the animal kingdom. Using their unique "creature power suits," they can experience what it's like to live as different animals, all while teaching viewers fascinating facts about the animal kingdom.

The series takes the Kratt brothers to diverse habitats around the world, from the depths of the ocean to the tallest tree tops in the rainforest. Each episode presents a new animal and its unique abilities, which often help the brothers solve problems or escape from villains. The primary aim of the show is to educate children about biology, zoology, and ecology, and to promote an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Wild Kratts Characters

Chris Kratt is one of the two main characters of the show, and is characterized by his methodical and practical approach towards their missions. Always enthusiastic and eager to learn, Chris loves to dive headfirst into every new adventure, which often involves transforming into animals using his green creature power suit.

Martin Kratt, the elder of the two brothers, is more of the jokester and is characterized by his spontaneous and excitable personality. He loves making observations about the animals they encounter, and often brings a sense of humor to their adventures. Martin uses a blue creature power suit for his transformations.

The Wild Kratts team also includes Aviva Corcovado, an inventor who creates the technology the brothers use, including the creature power suits; Koki, who manages the communication and computer systems; and Jimmy Z, the team's pilot.

Wild Kratts Costume Accessories

The key components for a Wild Kratts costume are the creature power suits. Chris and Martin's suits are blue and green respectively, and they feature a large creature power disc on the chest. These suits can be recreated using a blue or green jumpsuit or matching shirt and pants. The power disc can be made from cardboard or felt, and attached to the chest area of the costume.

Additionally, a Wild Kratts costume could include gloves and shoes that match the color of the suit. To further emphasize the animal theme, you could carry a plush toy or wear a mask of the animal corresponding to your creature power disc. For instance, if your power disc is a cheetah, you could wear a cheetah mask or carry a cheetah plush toy.

Group and couples costume ideas for Wild Kratts Costumes

For a group costume idea, a party could dress up as the entire Wild Kratts team. This would include Chris and Martin in their creature power suits, Aviva in her standard outfit of a purple jacket and khakis, Koki in her yellow top and grey pants, and Jimmy Z in his red hoodie and blue pants. This would make for a diverse and recognizable group costume, perfect for families or a group of friends.

In a couple's costume scenario, one person could dress as Chris and the other as Martin, or one could be a Wild Kratts member and the other could dress as one of the animals from the show. This can allow for creative and unique costume combinations, such as Chris and a cheetah, or Martin and a falcon, reflecting the educational and fun spirit of the show.

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Wild Kratts Creature Power Suit, Martin – Size Large 6-8X – Includes Vest, Gloves and 2 Power Discs – for Dress Up… Description:

Activate Creature Power with this Martin Kratt Suit based on the hit PBS show, Wild Kratts!
Experience life as a Wild Kratt! Kids can dress up in the Creature Power Vest and Gloves and have their own creature adventure.
The Suit comes with 2 Creature Power Discs. Just place a disc in the center of the vest and…ACTIVATE!

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