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Pick up your sword and slice your way through corruption and tyranny in a Zorro costume this Halloween. We have official Zorro costumes made by Rubies as well as costumes inspired by the masked crusader created by Johnston McCulley in 1919.


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About Zorro: Zorro is the fictional story of a wealthy Spanish individual in Southern California created by writer Johnston McCulley in 1919. The Zorro character was first used in The Curse of Capistrano comic book. McCulley went on to publish over 60 Zorro stores. Zorro’s secret identity is Don Diego de la Vega. Zorro dons a masked black disguise as he secretly protects the less fortunate citizens from Spanish tyranny. During the day Don Diego is a mild mannered nobleman who disdains physical violence and swordsmanship. At night Don Diego wears Zorro costumes to hide his identity from the inept Spanish solders. In Spanish the word Zorro means fox. And that’s what he does: out fox his opponents with his cunning and sword play.
The Zorro Movies: Zorro is the main character in more than 40 shows including The Mark of Zorro feature movie. Zorro was the first movie made by the new United Artists studio in 1920. Zorro has been the leading characters in two more recent movies: The Mask of Zorro (1998) and The Legend of Zorro (2005). Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones starred.
Why choose a Zorro costume this Halloween? The masked crusader is an instantly recognizable outfit with romantic appeal and a strong historical tradition. Outwit opponents you encounter with your intelligence, beat them in a duel with your sword skills, or simply impress the ladies with your Spanish charm and moves on the dance floor.
The Zorro Couples Costume
There are a few different group costume options for Zorro beyond the classic pairing of our men’s Zorro costume and the female sexy Zorro costume.
Zorro and his lover: Esperanza de la Vega (Don Diego de la Vega’s wife) or Elena Montero (his daughter and Antonio Banderas’ love interest) make another powerful romantic couples costume option. The scene in The Mask of Zorro where Antonio Banderas (Alejandro Murrieta)
Zorro and the Spanish Dancer: Heat up the night by pairing his skills in combat with her skills on the dance floor. Since Zorro originates from Spanish nobility, this pairing is a clever combination drawn from his origin.
Caped Crusaders: Your Zorro costume would pair well with that of another character who wears a mask or fights tyranny. Good examples include the Three Musketeers and Robin Hood. Batman and the Lone Ranger are other other options, since their characters were partially inspired by Zorro in the first place. Catwoman would also make an interesting masked combination, as her spicy and sexy appeal would pair well with Zorro.
Corrupt Politician: If you are looking for out of the box ideas, consider making your own historic politician outfit to pair with Zorro. Don Rafael Montero was the primary antagonist of Zorro in the Mask of Zorro and would make an interesting pairing if you could build an outfit for him.