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The little bo peep costume is a fun Halloween costume for adult women. The subject of a famous nursery rhyme, Little Bo Peep fell asleep while watching her sheep. The sheep wandered off and now the young shepherdess has to find her lost sheep!

Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve heard more than one tale about a farmer’s daughter. But none of them have reached the proportion of the legend of Little Bo Peep, who fell asleep on the job and lost her sheep. I think she was punished a bit much for dosing off while counting her sheep, a very natural reaction indeed, but I digress.

When I started producing sites with Halloween costumes for sale in 2008, I had long forgotten the story of Bo Peep. But after scouring photos from costume parties on the internet, I had to reacquaint myself with the story in order to find out why so many women were running around with a shepherd’s crook.

Since you will be wearing the costume for Halloween and not for work, you can search for your sheep in your Little Bo Peep costume as long or as little as you want. You won’t have any trouble enlisting young men to help you find your sheep, and you may even get some candy along the way if you go house-to-house in your search. Once you have found your sheep, or had too much fun and given up looking, you can go home and count sheep until you fall asleep for real! After an evening as Little Bo Peep, we’re quite sure there will be plenty of sheep in your dreams.

It just wouldn’t be a great costume if it didn’t allow you to have a little fun in it. We think these sexy costumes are perfect for showing off all of your hard work to stay in shape and get the boy of your dreams interested. If you are looking for a revealing adult Little Bo Peep costume, then you are in the right place! Take a look at these Halloween costumes and choose your favorite.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

5 PC. Ladies Little Bo Peep Dress Set Description:

Little bo peep satin polka dot pink dress. Hat. Gloves.

Secret Wishes Women’s Bo Peep Sassy Adult Costume Description:

Sassy pink and white Bo Peep costume. Gingham dress with puffy sleeves and bows. Matching bonnet included.

Secret Wishes Women’s Mistress Peep Sassy Adult Costume Description:

Sassy Mistress Peep costume. Pink and black dress and matching bonnet. Shoes and staff available separately.

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