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The Brady Bunch was a television show in the early 1970s. The show follows the adventures of the family of widowed architect Mike Brady and divorced homemaker Carol. It first aired in 1969 on ABC and ran for five seasons. After it was cancelled in 1974, it went into syndication in 1975 and became a popular show among children and teenagers spawning several reunion and spinoff shows.

Carol - Carol is the mother of the Brady kids. Her first husband disappeared without an explanation, leaving her to raise her three daughters on her own. Carol was played by Florence Henderson.

Marcia Brady - Marcia is the oldest of the Brady girls. She is pretty, smart and popular at school. One of her most famous episodes was when she got hit in her nose with a football right before the school dance.

Jan Brady - Jan is the middle daughter of Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch. She was played by American actress Eve Plumb. Jan was 10 when the show started and 15 when it ended. She had long blonde hair, wore glasses and had freckles, the latter two of which made her insecure.

Cindy Brady - Cindy is the youngest Brady child and was played by Susan Olsen in the TV series. She wore her hair in curls or braids for the first three years of the show and then wore her hair in pigtails until the fifth season.

Mike Brady - Mike is the father of the Brady children and the husband to Carol. He married Carol Martin in 1969 at the age of 36 and became stepfather to her three girls.

Greg Brady - Greg is the oldest child in the Brady Bunch. He is a popular attendee of Westdale High, an athlete and a born leader.

Peter Brady - Peter is the middle son of the Brady children. He is the third oldest in the family. Peter is the clumsiest child with a fragile ego. He is close to his brother, jokes around with his older sisters, and is protective of Cindy.

Bobby Brady - Bobby is the youngest brother of the Brady Bunch. He is inseparable with Cindy, the youngest of the Brady kids. Bobby was played by actor Mike Lookinland.

Alice Nelson was the Brady Bunch's housekeeper and friend. Housekeeper Alice was played by American Actress Ann Davis.

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