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These Rainbow Brite costumes stand out from the rest due to the bright colors emanating from this Halloween costume.  As the heroine from Rainbow Land, you and your horse Starlite will be well prepared to defend yourself from the dark and scary creatures on Earth around Halloween.  So add a little color to your wardrobe and brighten up what can be a dark and dank holiday with one of our Rainbow Brite costumes.

Were you a fan of Rainbow Brite as a child?  Did you have a doll and watch the tv show in the morning?  Then what are you waiting for – relive some of the happiest care free days of your life in this hip, fashionable, sexy costume! There may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but you will have a blast as everyone remembers their childhood infatuation with this cartoon character from Hallmark.  How can you maintain a frown when you see Rainbow Brite? So choose to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween and avoid the long lines at your local costume store.  Buy your costume here at Funtober!

Somewhere, over the rainbow, there is a girl who’s happiness brings bright and vivid color to earth.  Her name is Rainbow Brite and she lives in Rainbow Land. The story of Rainbow Brite is a tale of an orphan (Wisp) who makes her way to the Colorless World where she meets a sprite (Twink) and a magical horse (Starlite). After Wisp finds the Color Belt and frees the Color Kids, she comes to be known by a new name: Rainbow Brite. They subsequently live in Rainbow Land and are in charge of the colors on Earth.

Rainbow Brite Costumes

Rasta Imposta Rainbow


Rainbow Brite Costumes

Forum Rainbow Fantasy Bustle


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Rainbow Brite was introduced by Hallmark in 1984. It appeared on television from 1984 to 1987 and a movie was made about Rainbow Brite in 1985. Mattel produced dolls and other merchandise related to the characters in the 1980s. But unlike our imaginary friends who disappear forever as we enter adulthood, we can still see Rainbow Brite in our midst during one particularly shadowy time of the year – Halloween. So this year, we decided to give the color kids a hand and promote some bright and cheery Halloween costumes among the normal doom and gloom so prevalent at costume shops. We hope you appreciate our fight against scary costumes.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Forum Rainbow Fantasy Bustle Description:

Layered lace bustle
A layered array of bright rainbow colors
Long adjustable tie-on design

Rasta Imposta Rainbow Description:

This is a simple and easy to wear costume

Secret Wishes Sexy Rainbow Girl Costume Description:

Blue dress with white faux fur trim plus rainbow belt, sleevelets and stockings
Don’t wait for halloween – dress up for a show, catch every eye while out on the town or buy a dozen and stage a flash mob
With a couple of quick accessory changes a world of costuming options opens up with this simple classic

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