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Choose your favorite Halloween costume from Gilligan’s Island to recreate the classic television show from the 1960s.  Characters included the Professor, Mary Ann, Ginger, the Howell's, the Captain, and Gilligan.

Skipper costumes: The Skipper is the nickname of Jonas Grumby, the owner and boat captain of the SS Minnow, who took the SS Minnow out on its three hour tour from Hawaii. The character was played by Alan Hale, Jr., in the 1960s comedy.

Gilligan costumes: Gilligan was the bumbling, accident-prone first mate of the SS Minnow played by Bob Denver in the 1960s TV show. His outfit is a red shirt, pale trousers, white tennis shoes and a white navy cap. It is unclear whether Gilligan is his first name or his last.

Mary Ann costumes: Mary Ann Summers is the fictional character from Gilligan's Island played by actress Dawn Elberta Wells in the 1960s CBS network television show. She was the girl next door foil to Ginger Grant. Mary Ann won a contest to join the voyage and was traveling alone when the boat got lost.

Ginger costumes: Ginger Grant was the fictional Hollywood movie star played by Tina Louis in the television sitcom.

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