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We have several Mermaid costumes for sale this Halloween season.  These are beautiful women and girls costumes with a long narrow dress and long hair wig.  It is a fun look for any party especially around Halloween.  Most mermaid sightings around the world are probably folklore.  There are a number of credible sightings include a description by Christopher Columbus during his Caribbean explorations.


Adult Mermaid Costumes

Be Wicked Women’s 2 Piece Mermaid


Adult Mermaid Costumes

Leg Avenue Women’s Deep Sea Siren


Adult Mermaid Costumes

Fever Women’s Little Mermaid


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Mermaids are mythical aquatic animals with the upper body of a woman and a fish’s tail. Sailors have reported sightings of mermaids, but the US National Ocean Service insists that there is no evidence of mermaids. Depicted throughout art and literature, including Disney’s The Little Mermaid, it is now possible to replicate the look through monofin mermaid tails or other technology.