Asus ROG Phone Black Friday 2020 Deals

Find the best deals on the Asus ROG phone during Black Friday 2020. Funtober will post all of the best sales and online price discounts from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2019 on these Asus phones.

We are tracking the latest spec and pricing announcements on the Asus ROG to make sure you get the best price, deal and bundle this Black Friday 2019. The niche phone gaming market started with the launch of the Razor phone in 2017, however the Asus ROG takes a leap ahead in moving this niche market into uncharted territory.Asus is well known for having some of the most premium and desirable gaming laptops, but the Asus ROG is the first game centric phone they have developed.

Here is what we know so far:

The details about the US availability of the Asus ROG have been scarce since the announcement of the device. However, there has been a lot of speculation and it has recently been confirmed that Asus will announce US launch later in October. There was much rejoicing amongst US gamers because the ROG has some really innovative features.

The Asus ROG has the Snapdragon 845 like most of the flagship phone launching this year, but there is a twist. Asus working directly with Qualcomm to maximize the chips performance for gaming.Whatever turbo charging Asus and Qualcomm cooked up the chip is 100MHz faster in the ROG than other devices.Hitting a top speed of 2.9GHz.The screen has 90 Hz refresh rate, 1080- AMOLED display and supports HDR playback.That’s not quite as high as the Razer phone refresh rate.

Some of the other ROG phone internals are 8GB of RAM, dual lens rear camera, with wide angel capability, up to 512GB of internal storage.There will be an external headphone jack and a micro SD slot with up to 1TB of storage capacity. A neat software feature on the internal software prioritizes the game over other background processes. The ROG has a class leading4000 mAh battery, which should provide a lot of battery draining game time.

Asus spent a good bit of time engineering internal and external cooling solution for the ROG phone.The internal vapor-cooling technology is the first of its kind, which seems to work very well. The Note 9 has a liquid cooling system and is likely one of the strongest competitors for these gaming centric phones.External Asus has developed an external usb-c plug in fan for additional cooling capacity. So there really shouldn’t be any screen slow down even under very heavy prolonged use.

The speaker system is very strong, but like most small devices still lacks a substantial amount of bass.The reviews are saying that the ROG has some of the best internal speakers on the market.

Now that we are through the guts of the device the look and feel of this device are unique. The ROG is different from other phones on the marker.The red back lit ROG logo on the back of the phone and red tinges.The Gorilla glass covered ROG has rounded edges to better fit into the users hands.The large 4000 mAh battery does add a bit of weight compared to other phones, but when they are tethered to a charger you won’t be. The exterior may not be a primary selling factor, but if you want something different and that purpose built for gaming, the external look might push over the edge.

As with any gaming device Asus is betting heavily on an array of add on upgrades and innovative gadgets. It is rumored that the previously mention external fan will be bundled with the phone. If Asus doesn’t bundle the fan and the ROG phone, I am sure there will be Black Friday deals that do.Another accessory is the TwinViewDoc, which attaches a 2nd screen. The 2nd screen can run other apps, even play video while you game on the primary screen. Asus has also developed Gamevice controller which essentially adds hand held joystick type controls. The other accessories is the WiGig Dock which allows you to project to a computer so you can control the game using a keyboard and mouse.

The phone will be available through Asus directly and a few other carriers.We are working had to keep you up to date on all the latest specs, carrier, sales, deals and bundles on the Asus ROG phone for Black Friday 2019.The ROG is an excellent option for a gaming centric phone that faces strong competition from the Samsung Note 9, Razer 2, amongst other niche gaming phones, so pricing will be competitive.We expect the Asus ROG to be a good seller in its niche.Check back for all the latest in store and online sales, deals, bundles and offers on the Asus ROG.

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