LG V40 ThinQ Black Friday 2020 & Cyber Monday Deals

We are tracking all the best deals, sales and offers on the LG V40 ThinQ for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019.The revolutionary 5 camera LG V40 is LG’s flagship model. The LG V40 has a lot to offer and will certainly sell well.

Here is what the LG V40 is all about:

The five camera LG V40 provides a tremendous amount of choice while taking photos.The three rear camera and two front facing make sure you always get the best shots. The three rear cameras are regular, telephoto and wide angle to maximize its capabilities. There is a normal and wide angle front facing cameras to make sure you get everyone in that group shot or the perfect selfie. The V40 has a triple shot mode which takes a simultaneous picture from all three rear cameras, so you don’t have to pick.It can also create 6 second animated shots using the Cine Shot feature. The V40 does a better job than its competitors as picking out faces, but seems to struggle with backgrounds, particularly while suing the HD mode. The 6.4” inch OLED screen is incredibly clear.Its fully HDR 10 capable.

The LG V40s guts are strong too. It has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as the rest of the flagship models and 6GB of RAM. Unlike some of its competitors LG did retain a headphone jack and has a micro SD port to further expand the memory. The V40 uses the same boom box speaker technology as the G7 and its performs well.

The main drawback is the battery barely runs the phone all day and may be an issue for heavy users or folks who don’t have regular access to a charger. The only other issue is price. At launch the it going to price between $900-980 depending on the carrier. That’s pretty steep compared to the competition, but in typical LG fashion we expect a significant drop in price for Black Friday 2018.The LG V40 is available for pre-order as of October 3rd and officially available on October 18th.

We are tracking all the best sales, deals and offers in print, online and in store on the LG V40 during Black Friday 2020.We expect LG V40 to get slashed going into Black Friday.The V40 is truly a social media fiends bets fiend with 5 cameras to make sure you always get a great shot and LG is trying really hard to gain market share. Since LG has already added a lot of features to compete with Samsung and Apple, they are likely going to try an beat them on price. We will keep you posted on the best prices, sales and deals on the LG V40 for Black Friday 2019, but expect the price to drop $50-100 below the Note 9S and the iPhone X.

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