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Buy your teen Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween from our selection of Disney costumes. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of red/black, red polka dot and pink outfits for adults and kids to play Minnie Mouse this Halloween, as well as plenty of Mickey Mouse costumes to pair them with this October. Shop our selection of Minnie Mouse costumes for teenagers for sale as well as the rest of the Disney costumes for teens this year:

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Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Tween Costume


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Step into a world of animated delight this Halloween with our collection of teen Minnie Mouse costumes! Specifically designed for teens aged 15 through 18, our costumes capture the sweet and charming style of one of Disney's most beloved characters. Whether it's for a Halloween party or a themed event, our Minnie Mouse costumes offer a blend of nostalgic charm and contemporary appeal.

Minnie Mouse is an iconic character known for her polka-dot dress, oversized bow, and cheerful personality. Our range of costumes includes variations on these classic elements, allowing you to choose from traditional designs or modern interpretations. Opt for the classic red and white polka-dot dress or choose a more contemporary, street-inspired Minnie Mouse outfit. Either way, you'll embody the fun and bubbly spirit of Minnie Mouse that people of all ages adore.

Accessorizing your Minnie Mouse costume can elevate your look and capture the character's essence. The large bow and mouse ears headband are must-haves, while white gloves and yellow shoes can add authenticity to your outfit. You might also consider carrying a small prop, such as a faux vintage microphone, to channel Minnie's singing talent or a small plush of Figaro, Minnie's pet cat.

When it comes to group costume ideas involving Minnie Mouse, a classic choice is to team up with friends dressed as other Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Goofy. This not only allows for a fun group theme but also brings the vibrant world of Disney to life. Another great idea is a mix of various Disney princesses or characters, creating a delightful Disney ensemble that's sure to stand out at any Halloween event.

Halloween is an opportunity to dive into the world of make-believe and for teens aged 15 through 18, embodying the joyous and optimistic spirit of Minnie Mouse can be a fantastic choice. So, put on your mouse ears, tie your bow, and get ready to bring the magic of Disney to your Halloween celebration!

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Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Tween Costume Description:

Dress ears with bow and detachable tail. Child sizes: 7-16. Official disney licensed costume.

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