Oktoberfest Costumes - Mens Lederhosen & Womens Dirndl Bavarian Costume Ideas for Sale

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Oktoberfest costumes are great party outfits.  Headed to an Oktoberfest in the US? You could be boring and wear your regular street clothes. Or you could order an Oktoberfest costume and have a blast!  Funtober has information such as dates and locations for more than 1000 Oktoberfests around the world.  We also sell costumes for those events.

Men's Costumes - Adult Male Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Schöneberger Men’s Bavarian Lederhosen Brown – Oktoberfest Leather Trousers


Men's Costumes - Adult Male Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

TRENDS Men’s Bavarian Trachten Lederhosen Leather Shorts


Why are these costumes sometimes known as the St. Pauli Girl costume? St. Pauli is the name of a famous red light district in Hamburg and lends its name to a popular German beer, St. Pauli Girl. St. Pauli Girl has been brewing beer on the site of the former St. Pauli monastery since the 1800s and also employs a spokesmodel (often a Playboy playmate) each year to promote the brand. The beer girl costumes are of the type found on the label to the St. Pauli Girl, based on the waitress’ outfits from the 1800s.