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Dress the whole family up in Angry Birds costumes and be a hit at the next Halloween party. Have your precious eggs been stolen by evil green pigs? You best suit up in an Angry Bird costume this Halloween and get those eggs back! Choose your favorite color (red, yellow, or even black) and you’ll have our own flock this Halloween.

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Paper Magic Men’s Angry Bird


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These frustrated feathered fowl have rapidly become cultural icons and now you can join them in their epic quest to dethrone King Pig. These outfits are available in wide variety of sizes from adult down to the youngest child, even infants.
And, if you like to root for the “bad guy” or want to recreate your Angry Birds experience in real life, you can even buy King Pig costumes. But if full-body costumes aren’t for you, you’ll also find Angry Bird masks/hats available that give you the comic appeal without a lot of the hassle.
Angry Birds is a blockbuster video game franchise developed by Rovio Entertainment. Initially released on Apple’s IOS in December 2009, the popular mobile app in the puzzle game genre is now available for multiple platforms with multiple editions. At its core, the player launches birds from a slingshot at the evil pigs who have stolen their eggs and hidden behind various destructible barriers. Angry Birds has been downloaded almost 2 billion times. And there’s even an Angry Birds movie in the works with an estimated release date in 2016. It’s hard to believe that Angry Birds started out as a production sketch by Jaakko Iisalo with no idea behind it.

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Paper Magic Men’s Angry Bird Description:

Most successful mobil app of all time. One size fits most kids. Also available in red bird, green king pig, and black bird.

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