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Prince of Persia costumes from the popular game series can turn back the Sands of Time with an action costume this Halloween.  Heck, you don’t even have to wait for Halloween – any day is a good day to show your pride in one of the most epic gaming franchises created in the past 20 years.

While many of the Prince of Persia costumes you find online are actually inspired by the 2010 Disney movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, never forget that the movie is based on the video games.  Dress up as the fugitive prince Dastan in his roguish blacks and bright crimson and wield the power of time itself with the sacred Dagger of Time.  (But don’t forget to rescue princess Tamina from the evil Hassansins along the way.


Dastan Costumes

Dastan Deluxe


Prince of Persia Costumes

Tamina Deluxe


Dastan Costumes

Mens Dastan Costume

$19.18 $10.12

Prince of Persia Costumes

Tamina – Amulet W/ Sands Of Time


Dastan Costumes

Dastan Classic


Dastan Costumes

Kids Dastan Bootcovers

Prince of Persia Costumes

Girls Tamina Costume – Child Small


Prince of Persia Costumes

Disguise Unisex – Adult Deluxe Tamina


Dastan Costumes

Dastan Gauntlets- Child


You can find multiple variants of these popular Prince of Persia costumes including those designed for adults and children. There’s even a “sassy” versions of Tamina’s costume for those more risqué adult parties. And, if you’ve always favored the “black hats,” a deluxe Hassansin costume will serve as the ultimate counter to the heroic Dastan. Enshroud yourself in the dun colored robes and go about the secret business of a feared assasin!