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Make a loud buzz at your Halloween party in an adult bee costume in sizes ranging from 1X and 2X to 3X and 4X. Pair it with couples costume idea such as a beekeeper costume for lots of fun. Or ask your bff to be a flower costume or ladybug costume for other fun idea pairings.

Our search for the best bee halloween costumes of 2010 wouldn't be complete without our recommendation for a plus size bee costume. Before we show you a few costume photos available to buy, we need to mention that all three of the bee costumes you will see here are available both in 1X/2X and 3X/4X. If you are looking for a slightly smaller costume, there are a few more XL costume options which you won't find here.

Whenever we search for a plus size costume for a women, we focus our search primarily on costumes that are modeled by full figured women. If the costume manufacturer doesn't have enough confidence in the beauty of their costume to photograph it on a larger woman, then why should you have faith in them that it will look good on you? With that in mind, and without further ado, here are our three favorite bee costumes available in plus sizes.


Our favorite costume avoids the traditional large yellow and black stripes that you will find on many bee costumes in favor of a predominately black dress with strategically placed yellow and black stripes in the front and yellow trim on the bottom of the skirt. A daisy flower applique and two yellow bows complete the outfit's dress. In addition to the black dress with yellow and black accents, this three piece halloween costume also includes the bee wings and antennae so that all you have to worry about adding to this costume is a pair of stockings and shoes. Although this costume is currently the most expensive of the three, we think it will look fine on the majority of women who would be interested in buying it and it is still reasonably priced.


We thought long and hard before including this halloween costume here. We're concerned that the yellow and black stripes won't look good on a full figured woman. We've included it though because it is a very traditional bumblebee costume that provides a diverse choice for you to consider and it also looks pretty good on the costume model. So now that you know our concerns about including this costume, the decision whether to buy this costume is in your hands. Oh - in addition to the dress, wings, and antenna, you also get a set of bumblebee striped leg warmers that aren't pictured in this photo.


Frankly, we were surprised that we weren't wow'ed by a plus size queen bee costume. We expect to find a queen bee costume available in plus sizes sometime in October that we absolutely love and then we'll probably revise this web page. But until that time, this was our favorite queen bee costume. If you happen to find one that you love better, feel free to email us and we'll put it up here.


If you aren't happy with the selection of plus size bee costumes, there are a number of other plus size halloween costume options to consider.

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