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Buy your plus size costume to become Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of women’s costumes here at Funtober. So start shopping to find your plus size Little Red Riding Hood costume for sale today!

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Little Red Riding Hood is a famous fairy tale from Europe about a young girl and the Big Bad Wolf. The story is believed to have originated in the 10th century but it has been made more famous then ever as a result of spinoffs from the Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Charles Perrault version.

There are plenty of Little Red Riding Hood costumes available for both adults and kids. Withe a white blouse, red skirt, red hooded cape and wicker picnic basket, the look is not a hard one to recreate. But we are happy to help you find something in the right size for you so that you do not have to DIY it.

Choose from the standard plus size for Halloween costumes as well as 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

This fairy tale makes a great couples costume idea as you can pair it with the Big Bad WOlf for an instantly recognizable pair of outfits that will be a lot of fun. Or mix it up by becoming the Grandma and pairing it with a wolf costume to disappear her from the party.

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