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Shop for a candy crush costume and let all your friends know your favorite game in the app store this Halloween. If you have a high score to be proud of, or are simply addicted to swiping motions to solve the puzzle, it’s a fun conversation starter at the party. Otherwise, consider a group costume based on the hit game to amuse other guests as they rearrange you and your friends in a row.

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Candy Crush was developed by Swedish company King Digital Entertainment. It rose to popularity in 2013 and replaced Angry Birds as the most popular online game for cell phones. It was a popular DIY costume in 2013 and there are now a number of options for those who don't want to take the time for a homemade costume.

Group Costume Ideas:

Combine one gameboard serving as the game board with a candy costume for each additional person in your group.

Candy Crush is also one of a number of popular mobile games, such as Pokemon Go and Angry Birds. All of your friends can easily buy or make a Halloween costume containing characters from their favorite game. If you run out of mobile games, add popular video game characters into the mix to give people more options.

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