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Buy a Sonic Boom costume to become the speedy blue hedgehog for Halloween in the battle against Dr. Eggman. Prevent him from taking over the world and stop evil intern giant robotic monsters Orbot and Cubot, Dr. Eggman’s henchmen, in regular battles with the aid of sidekick Tails and pals Knuckles. Shop this selection of Sonic Boom costumes for this October:

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Sonic Boom costumes: Here comes the BOOM, a spinoff of the Sonice the Hedgehog comic book series. Do battle against the evil Dr. Eggman and the death machines. Get a few Sonic costume ideas, other than a Sonic the Hedgehog costume, from this popular series:

Amy Rose costume: Amy is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is the organizer and overall backbone of Team Sonic, which defends the peace of their world. She is a strong, able bodied female character capable of making difficult physical tasks look easy. She wears a red hairband, red one piece top with white collar, and a lavender sarashi around her waist, white gloves, purple sports tape and golden ring bracelets around her wrists, purple stockings and red-violet shoes with pink soles. She carries a hammer.

Sticks the Badger costume: This wacky anthropomorphic jugle badger is a force of nature in every way. She has lived alone in the wilderness since her childhood but bonded with Team Sonic and joins them in battles against Dr. Eggman. She is slightly shorter than Amy, with orange fur, long thick hair which she keeps in two locks with auburn strings, bushy round ears, peach muzzle, small black nose, blue eyes, medium-length bushy tail, and two brown stripes across each one of her eyes. Her attire is a tube top and skirt with an auburn rope belt, tan fur-skin boots. Accessories include a golden band on her right arm, a spiral bracelet on her left wrist, and a braided necklace with seashells and a gold ring.

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