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Image of glowing cups for Halloween party.
Lilly Deane is someone who loves to have fun and says that one of the ways she does this is by organizing kids parties.  By sharing kiddie party tips at Madfun and in blogs like Funtober.  She aims to help parents be able to organize one on their own.  In this post, she will be giving you some Halloween kid’s party ideas.
When the calendar turns to September, people now start to think of the more fun holidays about to be celebrated in the coming months.  For adults, celebrating may begin earlier with Oktoberfest along the way.  But for kids, Halloween is the time when the holidays begin, put on their favorite costumes, play scary games with friends, and visit the neighbors to ask for some treats.  Want to know how to make this day even more special for your own kids?  Why not throw a big party? 
Here are some ideas you can try.

Kiddie Halloween Party Ideas

1. The Bat Cave.  Halloween is often associated with the color black.  But still, kids would usually want their party to follow a superhero theme.  And who else is more popular at donning a black outfit than Batman?  Since painting the whole house is out of the question, what you can do is just give it a cave feel with the use of bat wall décor just like this one from chengand3kids.blogspot.com.
Image of bats on Bat Wall Decor
2. Crawling Spiders.  And if your kids are not so much into black but still want to have that superhero Halloween party theme, Spidey has the webs that you could use as a party décor idea.  You can weave your own spider webs with the use of white strings or simply purchase ready-made ensembles just like the ones below as seen in College Magazine.
Image of spider web decoration at halloween party.
3. Purple Glamour.  If your kids are girls, pink is out of the question even when this is going to be an exclusive indoor party with their girlfriends for the Halloween.  Choose purple instead and combine this with black.  This one from enterny.com screams spooky royalty!
image of using purple for Halloween party decoration.
4. Cinderella in Black.  One of the most popular princesses to ever grace the big screen is Cinderella.  For Halloween, instead of going for Disney’s blue dress theme, why not get into the Halloween spirit and turn the pumpkin into black like this one from The Dressing Room.  
image of black pumpkins decorated for Halloween party.
5. Scary Photo Adventure.  Aside from the décor, you should also have some fun kids activities to keep them from getting unruly.  Picture taking is one way to do this.  Instead of the usual photo booth, what you can do is provide your own backdrop with carved pumpkins like this one from Kidsomania and hold a scary photo contest.
image of using Halloween decorations as background for party pictures.
6. Let the Dark Glow.  Money should not keep your kids from missing out of the celebration.  One cheap way to decorate for the season is with the use of glow sticks.  SheKnows showed these plastic cups which had glow sticks in them.
Image of glowing cups for Halloween party.

10 Spooky & Fun Halloween Party Ideas

7. Feast for a Monster.  For dinner or snack, you can serve gross food inspired by mutilated human body parts.  Just find some food recipes for kids online that follows this theme.  The ones below are lady fingers made from bread sticks, featured in Living Locurto.
image of lady fingers for Halloween desert.
8. The Mardi Gras Ball.  Let the kids experience being a prince or princess for a night with a masked Halloween party.  Sponsoring their cute masks should be easy since you can easily buy these from Aliexpress for as low as one dollar.  Some sellers even offer free shipping.
image of Halloween masks or mardi gras masks.
9. Christmas Prelude.  Since December is not that far from November anyway, use Halloween as an early celebration for Christmas.  You can make this possible by fusing the two holidays together with your decorations.  This wreath in Designs by Vanessa is evidently Halloween with its extensive use of black tulle.  But notice how it’s evidently Christmassy with its details of green, orange and yellow that pop out from the morbid color.
Image of Halloween door wreath.
10. Owl on the Prowl.  Crows are all-time favorite decors during Halloween.  But you can also use owls as an alternative.  They have mysteriously big eyes that seem to follow you anywhere.  Have these perched on your porch’s railings like this one from HGTV.
Images of black owls as Halloween decorations.
Image of author Lilly DeaneAbout Lilly Deane:
I am one of the content curators at Madfun and other kids websites.  Aside from writing, I also spend most of my time with my young family.  I also love to paint, cook and organize kiddie parties. 
You can also get in contact with me on Google+ or Twitter: @LillyDeane01
Let’s all thank our Guest Author Lilly Deane.  Funtober continues to bring you talented guest writers such as Lilly who are experts in their respective fields.  Thanks for reading our blog as we countdown to Halloween.  There are 48 days left to Halloween.

Fall Crostinis fall party food

Funtober is so fortunate today to introduce attorney and noted food blogger Michelle Hershman.  Her website Healthy Recipe Ecstasy features her lifelong passion of new foods and healthy cuisines. 

Three Sweet and Savory Fall Crostinis 

Fall is in the air.  Can you feel it?  Ok, all I’m feeling right now is the humidity, but I can smell it.  The sweet sugar is releasing from caramelized apples and tickling my nostrils.  Pecans are toasting in the oven until fragrant and fig jam is simmering on the stovetop. 

Maybe it’s just my kitchen.  But I have the feeling that folks across the country are just chomping at the bit for fall and all the festivities that come with it.  Sure, summer is great with its cookouts and pool parties and popsicles, but there’s something special, almost magical, about fall. It’s the changing leaves, the slight chill in the air, the year’s best holidays (who can argue with one holiday based around costumes and another holiday based around turkey and stuffing?), and, most importantly, it’s the food.  There’s something familiar and cozy about fall cuisine. Casseroles and stews bring a lot of people back to their childhoods.  It’s a time for family and it’s a time for gathering. 

While there are plenty of things to celebrate in fall, I love to have fall parties for no good reason other than to celebrate the fall harvest.  And parties mean appetizers – my favorite food group.  There’s nothing better than mingling around a party with a cocktail in one hand and a small plate full of finger foods in the other hand.  To me, there is no finger food more diverse than the crostini.  You start with a little slice of toasted bread and the sky’s the limit from there.

 three sweet and savory fall crostinis

So, this fall, I’m throwing a crostini party to celebrate some of my favorite fall flavors.  I created three crostinis with three unique, but familiar, flavor combinations.  First up is the goat cheese and fig jam crostini with toasted pecans. The tangy goat cheese matches perfectly with the sweet fig jam, and the toasted pecans fill your kitchen with an aroma that screams fall.  This crostini will be a major crowd pleaser.

Three Fall Crostinis

Next up is the pumpkin and ricotta crostini with brown sugar bacon.  Nothing says fall like pumpkin.  But pureed pumpkin can be a strong flavor all on its own, which is why a lot of people choose to bake it into a pie or a muffin mixed with a lot of sugar.  Here, the creamy ricotta tempers the pumpkin flavor while still letting it be the star of the show.  And, brown sugar bacon, do we need a reason? 

Three fall crostinis 4

The final crostini is topped with brie and cranberry-apple chutney.  You knew cranberry and apples had to come into play at some point, right?  The brie is so smooth and creamy and the tart chutney flavors just explode in your mouth.

fall party foods 5 fall crostinis


Tasty fall party foods 6


Fig and Goat Cheese Crostini with Toasted Pecans


6 teaspoons goat cheese
4 teaspoons fig jam
1 tablespoon chopped pecans
4 slices French baguette


Toast the pecans in a small skillet over medium heat for 3-4 minutes or until fragrant.  Spread 1.5 teaspoons goat cheese on each baguette slice.  Top each with 1 teaspoon fig jam and garnish with chopped pecans.  Bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees or until the cheese and fig jam start to melt.

Pumpkin Ricotta Crostini with Brown Sugar Bacon Crumbles


6 teaspoons part-skim ricotta cheese
4 teaspoons pumpkin puree
Pinch of kosher salt
2 teaspoons light brown sugar 
2 slices center-cut bacon
4 slices French baguette


Add bacon to a foil-lined baking sheet and sprinkle with brown sugar.  Put the bacon in the oven and turn the heat to 400 degrees.  Cook for 20 minutes or until bacon is crisp.  Keep your eye on the bacon because the sugar can burn quickly.  Drain the bacon on a paper towel and crumble it.  Mix the ricotta cheese and pumpkin puree in a small bowl until combined.  Season with a small pinch of kosher salt.  Divide the pumpkin ricotta mixture evenly among the baguette slices and garnish with crumbled bacon.  Bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees.

Brie Crostini with Cranberry-Apple Chutney


1 cup cranberries (fresh or thawed from frozen)
1 small apple, peeled and chopped
2 tablespoons honey
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon all spice
Zest and juice from ½ of one orange
4 ounces of Brie cheese
4 slices French baguette


Add the first six ingredients (cranberries through orange) to a small pot and cook over medium low heat for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Turn heat down to low and cook for an additional 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat.  Spread 1 ounce Brie cheese on each baguette slice.  Top with desired amount of chutney.  The chutney is really tart so keep it light if tart is not your thing or pile it on if you love the tart.  Bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees or until the Brie melts.

Authors Bio:

Michelle Hershman 2Our guest author today is Michelle Hershman @Healthy Recipe Ecstasy.  She is an attorney and wife with two adorable cats.  Her passion is food.  She tries to make most of her foods from scratch thereby giving up on most processed foods.  She experiments with lots of recipe types.  I know you will love her recipes.  If you have a question about this recipe she can be reached at:  michelle (dot) hershman (at) gmail (dot) com.

girls in drindls enjoying Mount Angel Oktoberfest

I am sure Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese never imagined the many unique and funny names that US cities choose as Oktoberfest names.  The Royal marriage occurred on October 12, 1810.  Now 200 years later the October celebration begins in Munich in September.  So ok a September festival named Oktoberfest seems a little funny.  Well German weather in October can be a little rough.  So why not move it to the better climate in September.

Top Oktoberfest Names That Will Make You Laugh

Here in the US we have Oktoberfest celebrations beginning in August and running well into November.  Here are some of the 25 funniest names organizers have chosen for their special events.

Porktoberque – Dothan, AL – September 26-27, 2014
Enjoy barbecue, beer and live music at this Oktoberfest celebration in Dothan. Free samples of craft beer from Folklore Brewery and Meadery on Friday from 6-8 in the Man Cave. The People’s Choice Tasting competition is on Saturday from 11-1. The New South Cruisers Car Show will be on Saturday as well. Two stages of musical acts will see performances by Random-Ax, Los Locos, Thrice Pierced, Polka Dots, and Big Jimmy. Cornhole tournament on Saturday with free practice rounds on Friday. Inflatables for kids both days.  Location: Houston County Farm Center, 1701 E Cottonwood Rd., Dothan, AL.

Rocktoberfest - Jacksonville, AR – October 4, 2014
Experience Oktoberfest with live music, an art festival, a car show, beer garden, food booths, golf and more.  Event is held at the Little Rock Air Force Base.

Sactoberfest – October 10-12, 2014
Second annual event on the West Sacramento Riverfront. They have extended it to three days this year and will bring in a giant, Munich-style beer hall tent. Craft beer, local food, carnival rides, stein-holding and other German festivities.

Stocktoberfest – Stockton, CA – October 4, 2014
Beers and brats on the waterfront from 2-9 PM (1 PM for VIPs). 21+ only. Craft beers, home brews, sausage, chicken dance-off, keg lifting and beer stein holding competitions. Live classic rock and accordion music.  General admission ticket prices are $15 on their website.  Save $2 off beer when dressed in costume!  Food vendor Delroy Grill is back with their featured hit grilled oysters.  They have 10 featured beers including Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest.  Located:  Outdoor Amphitheatre, 445 West Weber Avenue, Stockton, CA.

FORToberfest – Fort Collins, CO – September 19-20, 2014
A celebration of Fort Collins with live music, seasonal beer from 6+ Fort Collins breweries and bicycle booths. Music lineup ranges from funk to bluegrass to rock and indie. Friday night headliner is 12 Cents for Marvin (from Fort Collins) and Saturday headliners The Railbenders (Alt Country music) and P-Nuckle (reggae). Costumes are encouraged. Free admission. Thousands are expected to participate. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant is expected to be back with the remote Rio Patio and their famous Margaritas on Saturday. Location: Downtown Fort Collins (Walnut St. and Old Town Square.

Steamboat OktoberWest – Steamboat Springs, CO – September 19-21, 2014
The 6th Annual Oktoberfest with a western twist. Rocky Mountain beer and local food and festivities instead of German beer. Cruiser bike parade Suds & Grub on Friday. OktoberWest is Saturday with live music, beer garden with over 20 Colorado brewers and the I Love Beef Cook Off. Yampa Street Live on Sunday has more beer, western music and line dancing. Festival admission is free but there is a cost to enter the cook off tasting and beer garden. Location: 2305 Mt Werner Cir, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

OktoBREWfest – Greeley, CO – September 26-27, 2014
Location: Lincoln Park (8th Street & 9th Avenue), Greeley CO
The Greeley Oktoberfest changed its name in 2013 to reflect the focus on specialty brews, VIP tasting tent and expanded musical entertainment. But the same German traditions will still take place. Event kicks off Friday evening with brats, beer, games and a free concert. Huge children’s area on Saturday along with more music, food and specialty beer. Stein lifting, pie eating, volleyball and life size beer pong contests.

Volgafest – Windsor, CO – September 27, 2014
Pretty sure this used to be called an Oktoberfest, but it is up on their website in 2014 as Volgafest, celebrating Windsor’s Volga German heritage. Location: Community Recreation Center, 250 N. 11th Street, Windsor CO

Jaxtoberfest – Jacksonville, FL – October 10-11, 2014

Crosstoberfest – Sun Valley, ID – October 17-18, 2014
This annual event in October combines a cyclocross race with a beerfest. The beerfest features around 100 beers from over 20 breweries. Beer festival garden is for 21+ only, but there are plenty of other acitivities for kids and families. An all access pass for Friday evening and Saturday is $25. Riders get discounted tickets to the festival with race registration. 2014 is the 11th annual event.
Location: Old Cutters Park, Hailey, ID

Blocktoberfest at St. Leonard School – Berwyn, IL – September 27th, 2014
Live Music, food and beer at this family event with kids activities. Free Admission. Rain Date is Sunday.  Location: 3318 Clarence Ave, Berwyn, IL

Fort Wayne OktoBEERfest – September 13, 2014
A beer festival organized by Mad Anthony that has been happening for more than ten years. Try more than 100 Indiana beers from 20 regional craft brewers. Price of ticket includes souvenir glass and unlimited tastings. Golf outing happens the day before, Sept. 12th at Bridgewater at 1 PM. Location: Headwater’s Park West, Fort Wayne, IN

OAKtoberfest – Syracuse, IN – October 11, 2014
Join the Oakwood Resort, Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and Chautauqua-Wawasee for the second annual “Oak”toberfest. This German festival will include children’s activities, German food, live music, beer tent, chicken dance and more! Location: Oakwood Resort

Augustoberfest – Hagerstown, MD – August 23-24, 2014
This annual Oktoberfest pays tribute to the area’s rich German heritage and supports exchange students from its sister city in Wiesel, Germany.  Tickets are $5.  The event kicks off Saturday at 8 am with a 5Km and 10Km Fit Walk.  Activities last all day until 10 pm.  The children’s area opens at noon with a Punch and Judy show, a magic show, arts, crafts, and storytelling.  For adult the hospitality tent opens at 11 am.  Music is provided by the Heidi and Heimat Echo, and Die Schlauberger bands.  On Sunday the huge German Car Show starts at 10:30 am.  Also don’t miss the German Brunch from 11 am until 2 pm.

Crabtoberfest – Cambridge, MD – September 27, 2014
German beer, food, music and dancing from 5 to 10 PM on Saturday. Serving Paulaner beer, Sam Adams Octoberfest and Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale. Musical entertainment will include Enzian Vokstanzgruppe, Liab’ und Schneid, and Echte Freunde (from Germany!). General admission is $5. Rain location is Minette-Dick Hall in Cambridge. Location: 200 Byrn St Cambridge, MD 21613

Frostoberfest – Frostburg, MD – September 27, 2014.
The little community of Frostburg seems to go all out for events.  Their theme for the city is “Frostburg – It’s Just Cooler Here!”  They will hold their 2nd annual event celebrating German heritage.  This street festival feature German culture, food, music, and bier gardens.  They have a kid zone, local crafts, and more.  It runs from 1:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Parktoberfest – Parkville, MO – October 4, 2014
6th annual day at the park with live music, beer garden and fun for kids including the Little King & Queen Parktoberfest contests. The morning starts off with a 5K run followed by a family run. Admission is free but a suggested $10 park donation helps the Friends of Parkville Parks complete restoration projects. Location: English Landing Park, Parkville, MO 64152

Okto Beerfest – Lincoln – October 9, 2014
Celebrate their 21st year on October 9, 2014 with over 200 different beers from around the world, food from 20 to 30 top area restaurants and caterers, live auction and music featuring bag pipers and the Wilber Alumni Czech band.
Location: Lancaster Event Center

Schnitzelfest – Hillsborough, NH – Sept 27, 2014
The Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce presents our 12th annual Schnitzelfest at Butler Park in the heart of the downtown in Hillsborough, New Hampshire on Saturday, September 27, 2014. They say it is the best German food outside of Germany, right in downtown Hillsborough, NH! Authentically prepared schnitzel, sauerkraut, potato salad, breads and incredible cakes and pastries served under the tent. Beer and wine bar, souvenirs, and craft vendors. Entertainment, including the Zauer Kraut Bavarian band. Enjoy tasty German cuisine, oom-pah music, and shopping in beautiful historic Hillsborough. Buy your tickets early and avoid the lines.

Xfinity Live Xtoberfest – Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2014
3rd Annual event with beer garden tent and music from multiple DJs in seven different event areas. Sample 150+ beers from participating breweries in your custom beer stein and enjoy Oktoberfest-style foods. Purchase the X-treme VIP to get in one hour early and taste special vip-only German beers all day long. Contests will include the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. X-Toberfest, eating contests (hot dogs, pretzels, etc), stein holding contest. They are going to have a selection of pumpkin beers as well as exclusive beer launches from Victory Brewing Company. Dance on the tables in Victory Beer Hall, ride the mechanical bull or take part in the complimentary body painting. Silent auction of sports memorabilia with proceeds going to charity. They sold out in advance last year, so don’t rely on being able to purchase tickets at the door. Early Bird tickets are $15 for designated driver, $30 for general admission and $40 for VIP. Tickets include Free Parking in Lots S & T. For those not familiar with the venue, XFINITY Live! is the sports entertainment venue located next to the Wells Fargo Center and across the street from Citizens Bank Park. Location: 1100 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148

Bloktoberfest – Philadelphia, PA – October 11, 2014
Four blocks of South Street from Broad to 18th Street in Philly will be closed to traffic for this non profit event with live music, craft beer and food.  I have been to this event.  Now celebrating its 6th year it runs from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Admission to enter is free.  This is a big city festivals with well over 100,000 attendees.
Location: South Street and Broad, Philadelphia, PA

AustOberfest – Austin – Sept 27, 2014
Celebrate your German heritage in Central Texas with German beer, sausages, live music and bowling. Austin Saengerrunde will host the 2nd annual event at Saengerrunde Hall and Scholz Bier Garten (1607 San Jacinto Blvd). Nine beer options from Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr. Unlivinted German-style sausages, mustards and sides. Sausage tasting is from 1-5 PM. Rooftop beer garden and live music from Czech polka band Czech Melody Masters and honky tonk band The Derailers. All inclusive tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door.

Butte-toberfest – Butte, MT – September 20, 2014
6th Annual Oktoberfest featuring 15 Montana Breweries, food, stein races, and kids fall festival. This event has been taking place since 2009. Tickets are $15 and proceeds benefit the Silver Bow Developmental Disabilities Council. Their hope to build a teaching kitchen to help individuals with disabilities pursue health and wellness called the Nutrition Education Station. Location: Park and Dakota, Butte, MT.

I debated about putting some of the Wurstfest events into this Oktoberfest list.  New Braunfels, Texas has a wonderful event that rivals any Oktoberfest.  However technically it is not an Oktoberfest.  There are also some great beer festivals with funny names that once were Oktoberfest events that have simply eliminated the German heritage in order to attract a broader audience.

I also left off some funny city names that used the Oktoberfest for their city celebration. 

Here at Funtober we continue to look for things to do this fall as we close in on Halloween.  We love Oktoberfest, fall festivals, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards.  Hope you like our blog series and event pages.  We have both Oktoberfest Munich and Oktoberfest USA information.

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15 Tips To Enjoying Oktoberfest in Munich


Monterey Bay Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has a long and interesting history, dating back more than 200 years to the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in Munich. Once confined to the Weisn, it has now spread around the country with celebrations from China to Brazil.

In the United States, there are several that have been going on more than 50 years. You can see some of them on our list of the top 10 Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States. Because of their popularity, age and traditions, they dominate the top Oktoberfest lists that are put out every fall.

We decided to dig a little deeper this year and find the up-and-coming festivals that you’ll probably see on these top ten lists in the future. They haven’t been around long enough to acquire the following necessary to break into the upper echelons of the Oktoberfest world. And some of the communities are too small to perhaps ever attract such a large following. But we expect great things from them in the future, and they are definitely worth the drive to visit them right now.

Some of the best times in life happen when a place exceeds your expectations. The new restaurant by an unknown chef that has been overlooked by all of the restaurant critics. The mixologist that makes amazing drinks and interesting conversation at a hole-in-the wall bar with a small but loyal crowd. You stop in to check it out and leave raving to your friends about how much you enjoyed the food.

We think you should add one (or more) of these ten Oktoberfests which are under ten years old to your fall traditions:



Austin, the home of the ACL Music Festival and nearly one million people, was without an Oktoberfest until last year. That’s when the Austin Saengerrunde stepped into the void to throw the inaugural AustOberfest at Saengerrunde Hall. Last year, they were named “Best New Food Event” in Austin. And the Culture Trip listed it as one of 10 “Unmissable Events” in Austin this September. Why is it garnering such accolades? All you can eat sausage from 18+ BBQ places in Central Texas – enough said! Two drink tickets are thrown in as well, with the option of purchasing another for just $1 more. AND each drink ticket gets you FIVE drinks!

They promise that it will be bigger and better this year so get your tickets for September 27th now. The lineup of sausage suppliers is mouth-wateringly good and there will be plenty of beer to wash it down. It wouldn’t be Austin or Oktoberfest without live music. Czech Melody Masters, The Derailers, Jared & The Mill will all be there to make sure you are dancing the night away! Take part in one of their fun games and leave with a souvenir Paulaner tasting glass.

The charitable beneficiary of the event is Foodways Texas. It was founded in July 2010 to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas.

You can find more information on the ticket page or Facebook.



After a successful first year, they’ve extended this popular West Sacramento Oktoberfest to a three-day event for 2014. “Come October, a piece of Germany is coming to Northern California in Sactoberfest,” said Rich Clakeley, owner of Finrich Events and event producer of Sactoberfest.

The festivities will kick off on the riverfront Friday afternoon (October 10th) with a parade, keg tapping ceremony and live music. In true Munich spirit, they’ve also added a carnival to the event to bring 16+ rides and amusement games for some family-friendly fun. Sunday is “Familiennachmitagen Day” with special entertainment for all ages, but kids are welcome to attend the rest of the celebration..

The beer will be flowing with German favorites Spaten, Erdinger, Hofbrau and Franzikaner served under the massive bier tent by waitresses dressed in dirndls. Go local with craft beer from breweries such as Sudwerk, Yolo, Bike Dog or Jackrabbit. If you get hungry, they’ll have “some of the region’s best locally produced and German-inspired cuisine,” according to Clakeley. Frickle Brothers, Borderick Roadhouse, Ten22 and The German Deli are all scheduled to be there serving food.

You’ll need to get dressed up if you want to capture the title of Best Lederhosen or Dirndl Dress. If style isn’t your strength, stein holding, wurst tossing and keg rolling are all on the agenda. For those that haven’t practiced their Oktoberfest games, beer pong and corn hole are also scheduled. The musical lineup includes The Internationals, the 21-piece brass Chico Bavarian Band, the Flying Dutchman and Alpine Horns. If you are going, don’t forget to practice your chicken dance!

Get more information on their website, Facebook or Twitter.


Kingsport Oktoberfest

Love to drink? You are in for a treat in Tennessee on September 13th. 45 brewers will offer up more than 100+ obscure and unique craft beers for attendees. “[Y]ou’re sure to feel like you’ve stepped into Bavaria,” according to Festival Director Stephanie Carson.

Two sections of the bier garden will be dedicated to the Beer University. Your sampling ticket and commemorative tasting glass gets you access to unique beers you’ve never tasted. Brewers will also discuss various aspects of their process and different styles of beer. 2012 sessions included discussions of German Lagers, nano breweries, barrel aging and Real English Ales.

On Thursday night, they have a limited seating beer dinner with Sleepy Owl Brewing Co. and Holston River Brewing Co. A Bacon Stout paired with dark chocoate covered bacon with with raspberry compote? A Peach Cobbler Pilsner paired with peach and mango samosas? My mouth is watering already! The Stir Fry Cafe will be serving up some delicious main dishes as well, including fennel sausage and Korean short ribs. Hunter Roberts, the finalist for the 2013 Rocky Top Comedy Contest, will be entertaining diners during the 3rd and 5th course.

Plenty to do besides drink as well. Toss up some fun at the double elimination cornhole tournament with a purse of $1,100 in prizes. Wiener dog races, bier stein hoisting competition and Smoke & Fire 5K run will keep you entertained. Last year, there were over a dozen bands playing on two stages. Bring the kids too as Das Kidzone is an alcohol free family fun zone with four bouncy inflatables, face painting, Stiltwalkers and more.

You can find more information on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

Photo by Craig Roberts.

Photo by Craig Roberts.

Bethlehem Oktoberfest

When national media featured World Cup watch parties, Bethlehem’s made the list. They definitely know how to throw a good party at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks. You would already know that however if you had attended the Arts Quest Oktoberfest in one of its first three years. They’ve made some changes for 2014 that should expand the event, including changing the name to the Bethlehem Oktoberfest, adding a 5K and reducing the price of admission all the way to FREE! It will be held the first two weekends in October.

“When Yuengling approached us with the idea of transforming Oktoberfest into a free event for our community, we thought it fit in perfectly with our mission, as well as our programming, about 65 percent of which is actually free to attend,” says ArtsQuest Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advancement Kassie Hilgert. “Removing the admission fee at Oktoberfest will no doubt allow even more people to enjoy this unique experience and festival. We thank D.G. Yuengling & Son for all of its support in helping us develop some amazing programming at SteelStacks over the past several years.” Since Yuengling is the primary sponsor, there will no doubt be plenty of beer there. But they are also adding a Craft Brewers’ Village, which sounds very promising. They will have 25+ craft brews from Pennsylvania’s finest breweries to sample. Tickets go on sale for the Brewers Village on September 10th.

Even if you don’t drink, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Throw your hat in the ring for one of the many competitions, like the spielplatz games, scarecrow competition, wiener dog races or 5K run. Grab a card for the 99.9 the Hawk Bingo Bonanza to win Or simply enjoy the entertainment as local bars compete in the Yuengling Bar Skills Challenge and local celebrities go head to head in the Raven 1 to 1 Celebrity Skills Challenge. This event is good for all ages too, with plenty of children’s activities including rides and a hay maze.

Get more information on their website, 5K website or Facebook.


Monterey Bay Oktoberfest

The Monterey County Fairgrounds will be converted into a family-friendly Bavarian festival on September 13th and 14th. In its fourth year, it has already become the Central Coast of California’s largest Oktoberfest. Visitors enjoy “a great time of camaraderie, beer, dancing, Lederhosen, [and] fun,” according to Oktoberfest Monterey Bay Founder Chef Andre.

They’ve clearly been inspired by the Munich festival, with an official parade and keg tapping to start off the celebration. Under the big tent, they’ll have live entertainment by the Flying Dutchman and The Internationals. They have imported Spaten beer from Germany and will serve bratwurst, pretzels, apple strudel and more to the festive crowd. There should be plenty to do and see as well, with a beer stein holding competition and Miss Oktoberfest contest.

They aren’t resting on their past success, either. They have added a bunch of new activities to the schedule for 2014, including a Carnival, petting zoo, dachshund races and a Miss Jr. Oktoberfest contest. Family Day is still Sunday, with a special emphasis on activities to keep the kids busy!

Local non-profits benefit from your support of this festival. They donated over $15,000 to Carmel Host Lion, Cannery Row Rotary and Heritage Foundation last year. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.


Vegan Oktoberfest

This festival has made a huge splash already and they haven’t even held their first event. The people behind the Vegan Oktoberfest want to show the world that no animals have to be harmed to have a fun time with great beer, great food and great people. If I were on the West Coast on October 4th, it is where I would be.

The menu is the obvious draw. Where else will you be able to find vegan versions of your favorite German foods? Southern Fried Vegan will have beer-brats with fresh kraut in pretzel buns in addition to their classic Fried Chickun and Mac N’ Cheeze. Sage Organic Bistro will be there with German style Soft Pretzels, a gluten free pretzel and Potato Pancakes. Vendors will also have Sausage & Potato Pizza, ice cream and a variety of other vegan options. There will be both gluten free beer and pretzels for those with a dietary restriction.

Although we expect that there will be many vegan and vegetarian attendees, this festival should be popular with foodies and their friends as well. Jill Ryther, an organizer of the event, said, “We are confident meat eaters will be shocked at the taste and quality of our vegan sausages and hot dogs and some may even make the switch to vegan options permanently!” The celebration will happen within sight of the Pacific Ocean, too.

This may be the only event where the beer is not the biggest draw, but they haven’t neglected this important aspect of an Oktoberfest. There are nearly 20 breweries scheduled to participate and more expected. Plus, they will have you singing and dancing the night away while you drink with the music of Stewedsheidzel and Knyght Ryder.

A portion of the proceeds from this Los Angeles Oktoberfest will go to Expand Animal Rights Now.

Visit their website, Twitter or Facebook page for additional details.


Flagstaff Oktoberfest

Northern Arizona comes out in force to enjoy Flagstaff’s last outdoor festival of the year. “[I]t’s a perfect time of year to sit in the warm fall sun, drink some beer, listen to some great music and enter in one of our many contests,” said Jennifer Grogan, co-owner of Peak Events in Flagstaff. The sixth annual event will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Wheeler Park.

It’s no surprise to us that Grogan called out their contests when asked what makes their event special. The photos of their stuff the bug contest were one of the first things that attracted us to the festival. How many people could you pile into a Volkswagen? There’s only one place to find out! Don’t worry, experienced gamers. They also have more traditional competitions like the brat eating, beer stein holding and yodeling contests. Wear your dirndl or lederhosen to participate in the costume contest.

It’s a family friendly event with Mug Root Beer Garden for kids. Live entertainment will include German polka music by Polka Katzen as well as blues & rock by The Buzzard Brothers.

The event benefits the Flagstaff Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team. For more information about the fest, visit their website or Facebook page.


Macon Octoberfest

They serve up Bavarian traditions Georgia style in Macon on the last weekend in October. Nine local craft breweries from Georgia will be serving up beverages in the beer garden. There will also be authentic Bavarian food and even a cyclocross bike race. The event takes place in Tattnall Square Park, across the street from the Mercer University campus.

The musical lineup runs the gamut from “Bourbon fueled, Bayou rock” to a German polka band. Southern artists abound, with a number of Georgia and Nashville-based musicians. It is headlined by Southern rock band The Weeks and Nashville bluegrass band Steeldrivers. The Weeks opened for Kings of Leon last summer in Europe and one of The Steeldrivers songs was covered by Adele. You’ll have to attend both Friday and Saturday night though if you want to hear Buttons AND If it Hadn’t Been for Love.

Did I mention that 100% of the proceeds go to charity? Oh yes. The causes are the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter, All About Animals Rescue and LH Harris Ecology Center. Tickets for the Brewers Brunch are already sold out, but you can still get tickets to the beer garden. Get more information about the event on their website


Springboro Oktoberfest

The Springboro United Church of Christ embraces its German heritage with the 2nd annual two day Oktoberfest on September 12th and 13th. The keg tapping ceremony is Saturday from 3-4 PM with the Jagdhorn Blaser Gruppe and the Cincinnati Enzian Dancers. It is one of the more authentic Oktoberfest[s] in the region,” according to organizer John Hanson. This year, they will have an expanded kids zone with rides as well as a German candy store that has 25 varieties of imported chocolate.

Traditional Oktoberfest music is on the lineup card, headlined by The Klaberheads on Saturday night. They were founded more than 80 years ago and have played the area’s largest Oktoberfests, including both Cleveland and (the upcoming) Zinzinnati in 2014. Friday night features the Schnapps Band, a German-American band started in 1978 that played the music when Cincinnati set the record for the world’s largest chicken dance. There will be a nightly chicken dance as well as a Saturday evening Stein Holding Contest.

Beer selection features tasty beverages from Paulaner and Yuengling. There will be a total of 10 different German beers on tap. Traditional German cuisine including bratwurst, roasted chicken, schweinebraten, and schnitzel are available for purchase. There are a total of eight varieties of sausage, including spicy pepper jack metts and apple gouda chicken sausage.

A portion of event proceeds go to supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, the Springboro Community Assistance Center and The Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati.

Learn more about the festival on their website, Facebook page or Twitter.


Oktoberfest Joplin

This two-day festival in Downtown Joplin combines an Oktoberfest beer garden with a fall festival for kids. It’s the regions premier fall harvest street festival with a portion of the proceeds going to local charities such as the Hope 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation, Joplin Family Y, Downtown Joplin Alliance and others.

The beer garden has seasonal craft beers on tap and there’s plenty of fall festival food including bratwurst and giant pretzels. Competitors can enter the Yodeling, hot dog eating, cornhole, stein holding or costume contests. With free admission and four stages of live music, there’s much to like about this October 3-4, 2014 event.

Learn more on their Facebook page.

Ravi Coltrane headlines jazz festival.

This fall take the short drive over to central New Jersey for a full weekend of free live Jazz performances in 3 different venues.  September 12-14, 2014 is the date for the annual Central Jersey Jazz Fest.  This is one of the featured events on the Funtober Fall New Jersey Festivals page.

Enjoy performances by the Bernie Worrel Orchestra, the Ravi Coltrane Quartet, the T.S. Monk Sextet, and many more.

Friday’s event takes place 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm in downtown Flemington, New Jersey at 75 Main Street.  Saturday’s event is at Monument Square in downtown New Brunswick from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Sunday’s event is on the Somerset County Court House Green (corner of E. Main and Grove Streets) in Somerville from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Poster about the Central Jersey Jazz Festival 2014 held September 12-14.

Central Jersey Jazz Festival

Friday’s event in Flemington brings 25 local artists and artisans together with 6 local restaurants for a wonderful art, food, and music event.  There is a big music stage at the Flemington Court House Steps, a festival food court, and a beer garden.  Enjoy local micro-brews and wines.  At 6:00 the Emily Asher’s Garden Party kicks things off.  The Winard Harper Sextet takes the stage at 7:00 pm.  Warren Vache and Harry Allen perform at 8:00 pm.  Finally at 9:00 pm the Bernie Worrell Orchestra headlines the evening.

Saturday’s event in New Brunswick is all about the on stage music and local restaurants.  The Josh Evans Sextet takes the stage at 1:00 pm.  The New Brunswick District Jazz Band plays for a half hour at 2:15 pm before the Jazzmeia Horn Quintet takes the stage.  The Ravi Coltrane Quartet closes out the afternoon beginning at 4:30 pm.

Sunday’s event in Somerville features both festival foods on site and fabulous local restaurants.  Also a beer and wine garden at the Verve Restaurant is adjacent to the Somerset County Courthouse Green.  Over 30 local craftsman and artists will present a mixture of prints, photography, cards, woodwork, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and more.

Sunday’s jazz music starts with Emmet Cohen on stage at 1:00 pm.  The Jazz House Kids will perform short sets between featured performers.  Brianna Thomas takes the main stage at 2:20 pm.  Houston Person performs from 3:40 pm to 4:40 pm.  Finally the T.S. Monk Sextet headlines the afternoon performances beginning at 5:00 pm.

When the Jazz Fest ends the after party spills out onto Division Street for continued fun at the local restaurants.

You are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs to both the Saturday and Sunday events.  Even picnic baskets are welcome (without alcohol).  Enjoy the afternoon and listen to wonderful Jazz music.  In the event of light rain they can move any of the three days events under cover.

Check out this You Tube video:

Video performance from last years Central Jersey Jazz Festival.

Images courtesy of Central Jersey Jazz Festival and Flickr [felipe bascunan]


Image of performers at Cleveland Oktoberfest.

Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds plays host to the 10th Annual Cleveland Oktoberfest this Labor Day weekend.  It runs August 29th through September 1st, 2014.  Admission is $10 above the age of 12.  Parking is free.  Location: Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 164 Eastland Rd Berea, OH 44017

This Oktoberfest is meant to be a family event.  Children 12 and under are free with plenty of family activities.  They have added kids foods such as pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, lemonade to the midway’s food vendor.

Kids Activities:

  • Frisch Marionette Company
  • gingerbread house building
  • sand castle building for kids
  • hay rides
  • mascot Otto the Wiener Dog
  • Inflatable bounce houses
  • arts & crafts
  • children’s chalk art
  • wiener dog races
Image of Frisch Marionette performance.

Frisch Marionette Company performs at Cleveland Oktoberfest.

Plenty of Adult Fun:

Oktoberfest and beer go hand in hand.  Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr are two of the big six Munich breweries.  Both are sponsors and well represented in the International Beer Garden.  Looking for a great meal then consider the Sausage Autobahn. 

Image of Paulaner beer stein.

Paulaner beer sponsors Cleveland Oktoberfest. photo www.flickr.com [peter baker]

Sample the various brews at the famous microbrew contest.  Enter the 5k Beer Run event.  Browse the Bavarian Shopping Village.  See the clock demonstration.  Watch the international dance exhibition.  Become amazed at the sidewalk chalk artists.

Great food is a stable at most Oktoberfests.  Cleveland brings out an international assortment of foods from around the region.  Enjoy foods from the Polish Kitchen, Schmidts, Der Braumeister, Heini’s Cheese Chalet, Michael’s Bakery, Frank’s Bratwurst, and Balaton (Hungarian Restaurant).

The beer list includes Hoffbrau Light, Hoffbrau Original, Sam Adams, Yuengling, Warsteiner Dunkel, and so many more. 

Image of mona lisa on sidewalk art.

Sidewalk art at Oktoberfest. photo at www.flickr.com [cp_thornton]

Bands and Music Entertainment:

The event has an on stage Glockenspiel clock.  The Schuhplatters of STV Bavaria liven up the crowd as they act out the clock scene.  One of the top German acts in the world.

There are too many bands playing the tents, midway, stages and beer gardens to mention them all.  Some of the top groups include Alex Meixner, the Klaberheads, Deutscher Musik Verein, Fred Ziwich & the International Sound Machine, the Cleveland Donauschwabische Blaskapelle, and Joe Wendel are but a few.

Activities get underway Friday at 4:00 pm, Saturday at noon, and Sunday at noon.  Everything runs until midnight all three nights.  Oh did I mention the Miss Oktoberfest contest, the fireworks display, and the tribute concert series featuring Beetles, Springsteen, Eagles, Bee Gees tribute bands.

Funtober continues to bring you information on more fun things to do as we countdown to Halloween.  Follow our blog series and pages to stay current.  We also have coast to coast information on Oktoberfests, and festivals.


Image of pine cone at Pine Cone Festival in Blue Jay, CA.

The Alpine Camp and Conference Center in Blue Jay, California is the new home to the 8th Annual Pine Cone Festival on October 11th, 2014.  Located near Lake Arrowhead this is the only pine cone festival I am aware of in the country.  It’s free and fun and even has Smokey the Bear making an appearance.

The festival continues to promote the San Bernardino Mountains natural environment.  It was started by citizens of the Rim Communities and simply out grew its previous location in Twin Peaks.

What Makes This Such A Special Event

  • Biggest Pine Cone Contest
  • Pine Cone Craft Contest
  • Pine Cone Olympics
  • Free Games
  • Artisans & Craft Vendors
  • Fun Fair Foods
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Ropes Course adventure
  • Climbing Wall

Pine Cone Contest

Enter to win part of $2500 in prize monies for their famous Pine Cone Contest.  The biggest Sugar Pine Cone based on length and the biggest Coulter Pine Cone based on weight will win the contestants up to $1250 each.  Last years “biggest” cone was 17-1/8 inches long and another that weighed 4 lbs. 8 oz.  The largest sugar pine ever submitted was over 23 inches long.

Craft Contest

What can you make with a pine cone?  Get involved in creating fun craft designs with your kids.  Volunteers are available to help you with ideas.  Make something humorous, beautiful, abstract, or natural.  Enter your creation in the contest for classes 6th grade and under, 7th through 12th grades, and adults.

Pine Cone Olympics

Children and adults of all ages compete for prizes in four categories each for males and females.  The events are Pine Cone Archery, Pine Cone Hoops Toss, and the Pine Cone Shot Put. 


Music and dancing takes place throughout the day.  Smokey the Bear makes a guest appearance to highlight the importance of forest fire prevention.  Volunteers will conduct presentations of fire safety, forest and wildlife information, and preserving our natural resources.  Games, food, and refreshments are available.

Alpine Camp & Conference Center

The home for this year’s event is well known for its mountain top conferences, summer camps, winter camps, ropes courses and mountain adventures.  It is one of the best facilities in California.  The event runs from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Admission, parking, and shuttle service are all free.  The event is located at 415 Club House Dr., Blue Jay, CA 92317.

So if you are looking for a fun event this fall and going to be in the Los Angeles area ten take the drive out to Blue Jay on October 11th.  They seem to have a little something for everyone.  Lots of good food, live entertainment, vendor, fun exhibits, kid’s activities, pine cone contests, and games of skill for all ages.

Funtober continues our countdown to Halloween.  We are now only 68 days away.  Continue to follow our fun things to do blog series and our other pages on Oktoberfest, fall festivals, corn mazes, haunted houses, and so much more.

Image: flickr [waferboard]

Image of front of Hippodrom beer tent in Munich.

The tradition laden Oktoberfest in Munich has banned the celebrity favorite Hippodrom Beer Tent from the 2014 festival.  After 111 years the Hippodrom is out and their spot on the Teresienwiese (fairgrounds) has been taken by proprietor Siegfried Able’s “Marstall” tent. 

New Marstall beer tent takes Hippodrom’s spot at Oktoberfest.

Hippodrom was famous for its celebrity guests including Boris Becker, Wladimir Klitschko, Thomas Gottschalk and many others.  At 4200 seats it was one of the smaller “big” tents at Oktoberfest.  The “hip” attracted a certain type of party crowd and was famous throughout Europe.  Unfortunately its owner appears to have broken German tax laws and the tent was banned.  This was posted on the Hippodrom’s website:

  • “Dear Sir or Madam,
    2014 marks the end of a 111-year tradition. Unfortunately the HIPPODROM tent will no longer be represented at the Oktoberfest.   We would like to thank all of our longtime and loyal guests and staff who have helped making the HIPPODROM a special and popular institution at Munich’s Oktoberfest for the past 19 years.   The tradition of the HIPPODROM will continue at Munich’s Frühlingsfest (spring festival) held yearly on the Theresienwiese (www.hippodrom-fruehlingsfest.de).   We look forward to welcoming you at Munich’s Frühlingsfest,  your Family Krätz  with the entire Hippodrom team.”

The family of Able has operated a small venue on the fairgrounds.  Now with the absence of Hippodrom the Marstall is under construction for the September 20th opening of Oktoberfest.  Marstall is the old German word for the royal riding school.  The Oktoberfest is nothing if not traditional.  They stopped racing horses year ago.  However the original wedding festival, started in 1810, was celebrated with days of horse races. 

Image of Oktoberfest fairgrounds in Munich.

Oktoberfest fairgrounds in Munich.

The Marstall Beer Tent will have a horse type theme with 3200 indoor seats and a 1000 seat outdoor bier garden.  The showpiece of the tent is a carousel musician’s stage.  Music starts at noon with traditional Bavarian songs and the entire tent transforms around 6:30 pm to festive live party music.  Food service ranges from upscale cuisine with top class service to a traditional Bavarian menu.  Marstall will serve freshly poured beer, popular champagnes, and fine wines.

So 2014 finds us out with some old and in with some new at this year’s event.  Say goodbye to the Hippodrom.

Image of the former Hippodrom beer tent at Oktoberfest Munich.

Former Hippodrom beer tent at Oktoberfest.

Find out more Oktoberfest information at Funtober.  We have pages of information on the beer tents, beers, facts, weather, museums, theatres, songs, and so much more.  Read our “15 Tips to Enjoying Oktoberfest In Munich“.  We also have lots of information about Oktoberfest, fall festivals, and fun things to do in our blog series.

photo credits:
Image Flickr [abhijeet rane]
Image Flickr [sebastien launay]

Image of Jane's Addiction music group in concert.

Bayfest Music Festival is Alabama’s largest music festival every year.  Now celebrating its 20th year, the lineup of music artists for 2014 is outstanding.  Buy your advance weekend passes online for $60-80.  Get them early for this October 3-5, 2014 event as only 50,000 discounted advance passes are available.  Over 200,000 people will attend this once a year event in Mobile, Alabama.

Musicians perform live across 6 stages on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Bayfest offers music from every genre including country, classic rock, alternative, pop, rap, modern, and R&B.  One of the six stages will have exclusive gospel music and one stage is devoted to local talented artists.  The other 4 feature top music stars, legends and rising stars.

Bayfest Music Festival kicks off Friday at 6:00 pm, Saturday at 2:00 pm, and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Bayfest Friday Night Music Lineup

Friday night features Ludacris, Alabama, and Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.  Other Friday performers includes AFI, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Thompson Square, Pop Evil, Roxy Roca, and Frankie Ballard among the day’s acts.

Image of Stone Temple Pilots in concert.

Stone Temple Pilots play Bayfest October 3-5, 2014

Bayfest Saturday Night Music Lineup

Saturday night features Jane’s Addiction, Ceelo Green, and Kid Rock .  Other Saturday performers includes Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, K Michelle, All That Remains, Amos Lee, Dennis Nelson, Startisan, Kristy Lee, K-Rob, and Cathercist among the day’s acts.

Image of musician Kid Rock play piano on a stage.

Kid Rock is amazing in concert.

Bayfest Sunday Music Lineup

Sunday closes with featured entertainers Brantley Gilbert, Foster the People, and Earth Wind & Fire.  Sunday daytime lineup includes MAGIC, Blackberry Smoke, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Mulligan Brothers, and CampFire among other Sunday music acts.

Image of Brantley Gilbert playing in concert.

Brantley Gilbert will headline Bayfest Music Festival October 5th.

We are down to 71 days on our countdown to Halloween series.  Our fun things to do blog continues bringing you top events and festivals between now and October 31st.  Keep coming back as we are posting at least one daily event now through Halloween.

 Image credit: flickr [Al Pavangkanan]
Image credit: flickr [joe loong]
Image credit: flickr [Jon Callas]

Image of Grand Canyon in Arizona.

As you know I do not live in Arizona.  I found this blog post title on a wonderful website called Celebrating Family written by Janice.  As a fall fanatic I could not resist bringing it to your attention.

I grew up in Ohio and after college lived in Michigan for the next 40 years.  While we generally didn’t get the really hot temperatures of Arizona there was always the summer humidity.  Maybe that is why I so love the changeover to fall.

Anyway I just liked her blog post she wrote back in 2011.  While I don’t want to steal it all there are a couple of “reasons” I especially liked.  I encourage you to read her post “Eight Reasons I Love Fall in the Desert“.

  • Lower high temperatures
  • The State Fair
  • Pumpkin patches and harvest festivals

I was a fan of the Ohio State Fair all through grade school, high school, and college in Columbus.  When I moved to Michigan, my family made our yearly trek to the Michigan State Fair which was only 15 minutes away.  So I am truly a state fair fan.  Love those elephant ears and carnival food.

Image of Ohio State Fair.

Ohio State Fair was so much fun.

If you get a chance I think you will like more of the food, crafts, and family on Janice’s website.

Sorry to those daily readers.  I have been updating our Oktoberfest listings on hundreds of our events.  We are just about up to date as the Oktoberfest season gets going we have accurate listings.  Hope you enjoy.  I will get back on track with our Fall Things To Do blog series.

Image www.flickr.com {grand canyon national park}
Image www.flickr.com {marada}