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Are you ready for Halloween 2022? Funtober has listed hundreds of costume ideas and thousands of Halloween costumes for sale this year. We have an incredible selection of halloween costumes for women, men, and kids. We help couples find fun and amazing adult costumes, women find the perfect sexy costume, parents find the outfit that will thrill their child as well as the baby costumes that will adorn their first Halloween pictures forever.

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Shop our collection of Animal costumes.  From the animal kingdom comes some of the more popular Halloween costumes. Whether you are looking to portray a predatory hunter, a farm animal, or a domesticated house pet this Halloween, your choices abound. Here are a few that we have found tempting. Humans are just one creature in the animal kingdom. There are a number of beautiful and remarkable wild animals to celebrate at Halloween. Consider buying and wearing one of our animal costumes for Halloween.

Peacock costume - Shake your tail feathers in this colorful costume. You are sure to attract attention, as the peacock is known for their beauty and the use of eye of their tail feathers in their courtship dance. Native to South and Southeast Asia, the peacock has escaped captivity in other areas and established populations, including near Miami.

Cat costumes - Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one cat costume to wear. From the lovably cute household pet, to the insatiable sex kitten, to the King of the Jungle, the lion, you'll find more than enough cat costumes to choose from this Halloween.

Bunny costume - While the bunny outfit might be more appropriately used at Easter with eggs, women love to don floppy ears and a cute tail at Halloween as well. And if you are looking for a sexy costume there is no better sex symbol then the Playboy bunny costume. Whether your goal is to look cute and cuddly or hot and sexy, there's a bunny Halloween costume for you. Just make sure you bring a carrot to munch on.

Panda costume - Native to China and a prominent member of the endangered species list, the panda bear makes for a huggably cute costume. The predominate diet of the panda is bamboo, so don't forget to strategically place some around if you get hungry.

Gorilla costume - An herbivore native to the forests of central Africa, the gorilla isn't the sort of cute and cuddly creature that normally makes a popular costume. Instead, it is the propensity to instill a humorous laugh in anyone looking at the gorilla suit which makes it fun to wear and popular with men.

Penguin costume - You don't need us to explain why this Halloween costume would be cute on a child and funny on an adult. That's why the flightless penguin, which is normally found only in the southern hemisphere near Antarctica or at zoos, can also be seen around Halloween.

Bumble bee costume - This is one insect that wouldn't normally be welcome at a party. But on Halloween, an exception is always made for bees. It's a cute and fun costume that packs quite a stinger of a punch.

Wolf costume - Social predators that were once widespread throughout Eurasia and North America, wolves make for an interesting costume choice. Play the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs, start your own wolf pack, or transform into a werewolf for Halloween. There's even some sexy wolf costumes for women.

Owl costume - What a hoot you are when you smarten up and wear an owl costume. Although usually a children's costume, this night winged predator might surprise you with its versatility. From Hedwig of the Harry Potter series to Night Owl from the Watchmen, you'll even find a few sexy owl costumes mixed into the available options.

Bear costume - Weighing hundreds of pounds and a fierce predator when on the attack, realistic bear costumes are sure to frighten anyone in your path during Halloween. or, choose one of the cute polar bear, panda bear, or teddy bear costume options for a less scary look.

Butterfly costume - The delicate creatures which can migrate thousands of miles and dazzle little girls with their beautiful wings make for a beautiful and increasingly popular Halloween costume.

Cow costume - The farm animal known for its multiple stomachs and responsible for the milk that we drink makes a versatile Halloween costume as well. There's no way that your friends won't ooh and aah over the baby cow, laugh at the comical cow, or think you look great in a sexy cow girl costume.

Fish costume - You may feel like a fish out of water in one of these costumes but that's only because it is exactly what you will be. Options include the ferocious shark, the somewhat silly clown fish, and the always glittery goldfish.

Sheep costume - You'll have a shearing good time in a sheep costume. They play prominently in two popular nursery rhymes, so it makes a great group costume. So have your friends brush up on Lil' Bo Peep or Mary had a Little Lamb before wearing your costume. Or, to go the more comical route, try wearing the black sheep or sex with sheep costumes.

Monkey costume - Get in to all sorts of trouble in this costume.

Horse costume - A horse costume is the perfect accompaniment to the equestrian horse rider or jockey costume.

Bat costume - Don't let the numerous batman costume options scare you away. There are more than enough bat costume options to ensure that you are wearing a pair of black wings by Halloween time.

Spider costume - Although spiderman may be the most popular variation of the spider costume, there's more than enough super cute kid's spider costumes and women's black widow costumes to go around.

Mouse costume - Don't get caught in a trap and miss the party. Avoid being tempted by the cheese and you'll discover a fun Halloween costume, regardless if you prefer to be a sexy mouse or Minnie Mouse.

Ladybug costumes - The easily recognized and often admired ladybug is never a pest. If you are a woman looking for a cute costume for yourself or your little girl, we highly recommend the ladybug costume.