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Cat Costumes are a classic Halloween costume for girls, teens, and women.  As the black cat has been a symbol of Halloween for as long as I can remember, it has achieved a level of popularity at Halloween that other animal costumes have not.  Whether you want to go to the Halloween party as the companion animal to a witch, be a cat burglar like catwoman, curse some friends by crossing paths with them, or let everyone know that you are a sex kitten, you can do it with a cat costume.

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Pretty Kitty Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Footed Pajamas Cheetah Spots Kids Hoodie Chenille


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Sexy Women’s Feline FiFi Cat Adult Roleplay Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Rubie’s Women’s Marvel Universe Black Cat Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Dress Up America Scary Plush Lion Hairy Head Costume By


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Lee the Lion Funsie Kids Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Sex Kitten Bodysuit Queen Of The Jungle Catsuit Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Sex Kitten Bodysuit Queen Of The Jungle Catsuit Costume


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Halloween Cheetah Costume All Over Adult T-Shirt


Cat Costumes - Adult & Kids Feline Costume Ideas for Sale

Child Black Cat Onesie Costume


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Bonjour Kitty Costume


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Everyone knows about the common household cat. But just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s other Halloween costumes for cat lovers.
Are you interested in selecting a cat costume but can’t decide which of the felines suits your personality? Here is a brief description of some of the more prominent cat species in the animal world.
Lions – Known as the king of the jungle and a symbol of bravery, lions are the second largest cat. Male lions, distinguished by their well known mane, can grow to over 250 pounds and live between 10-20 years. In the wild in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, lions are generally found in prides composed of 1-2 males and a group of related lionesses who do the hunting. Although they generally don’t hunt people, lions are often portrayed as man-eaters in movies because of a few incidents. A lioness costume makes a particularly apt costume for women because female lions do the hunting for the pride.
Tigers – They are the largest member of the cat family (weighing up to 600 pounds) and native resident of eastern and southern Asia. Tigers are generally solitary creatures known for their power and distinct striped coloring.
Leopards – The smallest of the big cats, the leopard has short legs and a long body. It is adaptable to various habitats and eats any animal it can hunt and catch. Once living throughout southern Asia and Africa, the leopard now lives mainly in sub-Saharan Africa with fragmented populations elsewhere. Whether you are interested in dressing your child in a cute, cuddly leopard costume, or you want to dress yourself in a sexy cat costume, you can find both among our selection of leopard Halloween costumes.
Jaguar – The largest and most powerful feline found in the Western Hemisphere is the jaguar. A solitary creature that has a powerful bite, jaguars are often found near water and enjoy swimming.
Cheetah – The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal, able to run up to 70- 75 mph and accelerate between 0 and 60 mph in under three seconds. Found in Africa and the Middle East. The cheetah is known for its spots and its purr.
Cougar – A large solitary cat native to the Western Hemisphere that thrives in a wide variety of habitats and is also known as a puma, a panther, or a mountain lion depending on the region where it is found. Cougars are about the size of an adult human and is distinguished from other big cats because it cannot roar. The cougar makes a particularly apt Halloween costume because it has also become the popular term for a woman who frequents bars or clubs to meet a younger man.
Character Costumes: Catwoman Garfield Cheshire Cat Cat in the Hat Costumes by Type: Below, we’ll preview a few of the more popular cat Halloween costumes.
Black Cat Costume – You’ll be handing out bad luck to all who cross your path at Halloween as a black cat. Even though you may look harmless in this sexy costume, it comes with a hell of a curse. We think you will have so much fun dressing as a black cat at Halloween that it would be worth giving up one of your nine lives. If you are independent, enjoy slinking around, or just think that black is your color, consider wearing a black cat costume for Halloween. The black cat has been associated with Halloween for hundreds of years and makes a quick and easy Halloween costume for a child or adult women.
Sex Kitten Costume – Cute and cuddly, she’s always on the prowl. Dig your claws into male flesh in this sexy cat costume. Your furry skin and playful tail is sure to help you land the one to scratch your itch. Meow!
Halloween is the one night a year where you have a free pass to wear whatever you want. No skirt is too short and no outfit is too slutty. So why not enjoy it and have some fun with the guys as a sex kitten for the evening? Every guy you meet during Halloween will no doubt be saying “Hello, Kitty!” as he checks out your costume. Purrr-fect your sex kitten look and choose from among our selection of ultra-sexy and super-short cat Halloween costumes.
Our sexy kitty costumes come in three basic groups of costumes: the traditional black cat, a feminine pink and black cat, and animal print costumes. If you are interested in being a domestic household cat, then we recommend the cute black cat costumes with pink trim. If you want to display your independence and curse everyone in your path, we recommend you choose from the black cat costumes. And if you want to let everyone know that you are going to be living on the wild side for the evening, then we recommend one of the aggressive cat costumes in animal print like a leopard costume.
If you are dressing up as a sex kitten for Halloween, then we’re guessing that you are single and don’t have to worry about choosing a costume for your significant other. But if you happen to be looking for a sexy costume for your boyfriend to match one of these sex kitten costumes, we recommend that you get him a pimp costume.
Catwoman Costume – In a black catsuit, you will always land on your feet as you flee with the high price jewels. One look at your whip and anyone will submit to your wishes. Make sure your identity stays hidden, though, because you’ll want to go back to your day job when you are done playing a cat burglar. Here’s our Catwoman Costumes.
If you are looking for an adult Halloween costume that can turn heads at your Halloween party, consider our selection of sexy cat costumes. Whether you will look your best dressed as a black cat, wearing animal print, or looking like you just stepped out of the movie Catwoman, you can find your Halloween outfit here.
We’ve located a wide selection of cat costumes for sale, including: Black Cat Costumes – Your costume doesn’t have to be dictated by whether you look better in a short mini dress or in a long jumpsuit. You can find sexy cat costumes in both styles from among our more than a dozen black cat costumes. If you don’t see the costume you are looking for below, check out our complete selection of black cat costumes and catwoman costumes.
Cheshire cat costumes offer the perfect costume in pink for fun and flirty behavior among adults. If you’ve seen the movie Alice in Wonderland recently, then you know what we are talking about! The Cheshire Cat can be your best friend helping you out, or turn on you and get you into deep trouble, before disappearing behind his or her deep smile.
Cat and Mouse Costume – If you are looking to get more bang for your buck, consider the reversible cat and mouse Halloween costume. It’s the perfect outfit if you have more than one Halloween party to attend and you don’t want to buy two costumes. Animal Print – Let the animal inside of you out for one night of the year when you wear one of our sexy animal print outfits for your cat costume. If you don’t like the two outfits below, you might find a costume you like better among our leopard costumes.
Teen Cat Costumes Whether you want to go dressed for Halloween as a cute and cuddly kitten or in a cat costume worthy of an adult woman, we can help you find the teen cat costume that is right for you. In one of these cat costumes, there’s no way you will be mistaken for an old cat lady. So practice your purr and start sharpening your claws, for Halloween is right around the corner.
There’s plenty of options if you want to be in a cat costume this Halloween. Get a wide grin with a Cheshire Cat costume. Go for the wild look in a jungle cat costume such as a leopard or cougar. Or bring bad luck to all who dare to cross your path in a traditional black cat costume. Whether you choose one of these costumes, or another teen cat costume, you will have a purr-fect Halloween.
If you don’t want to be a soft and cuddly kitten, but would rather hang with the superhero crowd instead, a catwoman costume might be better for you. With a black catsuit, mask, and whip, you’ll have tons of fun torturing Batman and the other male super heros.
One of the best parts of dressing as a cat is the accessories. Don’t forget to add whiskers to your nose with black makeup and use fake nails to give yourself claws. If you want to go the extra mile, talk to your optometrist about getting costume contacts to make your eyes look like cat eyes rather than human eyes. And if you want to have even more fun at Halloween, have a few of your friends dress up as cats and fake a catfight at the party!
Before you order your costume, however, be sure to get your parent’s approval. You wouldn’t want to get your heart set on a particular costume that they won’t let you wear. Since there is a wide selection of cat costumes for teenagers, we’re sure that you can come to an agreement on an age and venue appropriate Halloween costume if you are both willing to compromise.
Kids’ Cat Costumes Whether your child is 6 months or 16 years old, a cat costume makes a great Halloween costume for kids.
Your Baby – Everyone will be loving on your baby at Halloween when you dress him or her in a cute toddler cat costume. But he’ll always be your cute and cuddly soft little kitten! Be sure to preserve the memories as they grow up fast and you want always be able to dictate their Halloween costume.
Your Child – If they love the zoo then they’ll love dressing up in a lion or tiger costume! Are you just teaching them to read? Make Halloween a learning activity and consider one of our Cat in the Hat costumes.
Your Teenager – A cat costume is a good compromise between the sexy costumes which they would like to wear and the more modest costumes which you’ll be comfortable with them wearing for Halloween.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Animation Shops Spongebob Face Youth Kids T-Shirt Description:

Color: Yellow
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: Youth Kids

Child’s Costume Dress Description:

SpongeBob Squarepants Spongebabe Costume – One Color – Small
Spongebabe costume is available in sizes toddler, small, medium and large
Features printed shirt and skirt with tie and collar waistband

Rubie’s Women’s Marvel Universe Black Cat Costume Description:

Licensed Black Cat costume jumpsuit with faux fur details, gloves, choker, and eye mask
IMPORTANT SIZE INFORMATION: Costumes are sized differently than clothing, important to review SECRET WISHES size chart before making selection
OFFICIALLY LICENSED Marvel costume item, items shipped and sold by Amazon are guaranteed to be authentic

Child Black Cat Onesie Costume Description:

1 piece Suit
Children’s toddler size
Jumpsuit features wrist and ankle cuffs, a stuffed tail, and cat ears attached to the hoodie

Sex Kitten Bodysuit Queen Of The Jungle Catsuit Costume Description:

You’re sure to look purr-fectly sexy in this Queen of the Jungle Catsuit costume. Featuring metallic leopard print fabric with daring mesh insets. Front zipper and low cut mesh back.

Sex Kitten Bodysuit Queen Of The Jungle Catsuit Costume Description:

You’re sure to look purr-fectly sexy in this Queen of the Jungle Catsuit costume. Featuring metallic leopard print fabric with daring mesh insets. Front zipper and low cut mesh back.

King Cobra Kids Animal Planet Morphsuit Costume – Size Small 31-36 (94cm-107 cm) Description:

OFFICAL ANIMAL PLANET COSTUME: The Silverback Gorilla Kids Monster Morphsuit, for when you need to impress with your primal strength. PERFECT FOR BASHING YOUR CHEST: The Silverback Gorilla costumes are perfect for Halloween parties and bashing your chest, it’s also great for an kid and adult group costume combined with our King Cobra Adult Morphsuit. SIZES THAT FIT: Size based on height: Small 94 to 107cm; Medium 108 to 122cm; Large 41-4″6 (123cm-137cm). If in doubt go one size up.”.

Halloween Cheetah Costume All Over Adult T-Shirt Description:

Halloween cheetah print all over costume tee. Polyester, Short Sleeve, Men’s T Shirt, All-Over Design. Finding your Halloween costume just got easier with this great tee!.

Halloween Cheetah Costume All Over Youth T Shirt Description:

Officially Licensed Merchandise. Music, Sports & Entertainment Merchandise. Quality Products.

Footed Pajamas Cheetah Spots Kids Hoodie Chenille Description:

***Please review unisex kids size chart in “Product Description” below
100% Polyester – Plush Chenille
Unisex, Relaxed fit, Front zipper

Sexy Women’s Feline FiFi Cat Adult Roleplay Costume Description:

Great for Halloween, Holiday, or Costume Parties. Excellent for Cosplay or Roleplay. Can be used as a Costume for Theatre or Plays.

Halloween Sexy Animal Costumes With Tail and Ear Lion Hooded Velvet Romper For Women Cosplay Gold Description:

Size: please select the size that best matches your largest measurement (bust, waist or hip). Material: polyester stretch velvet / acrylic faux fur / gold satin, super soft and high quality. Design: low cut, zip up front, extra long cute tail, fluffy and soft hood with ears, gold sparkles, high cut (best worn with tights).

Lee the Lion Funsie Kids Costume Description:

Jumpsuit. Includes jumpsuit. 100% Polar Fleece.

Child ECONOMY Lion Costume (socks and face paint not included) Description:

Child Economy Lion Costume includes Jumpsuit, Hood and Mitts. (socks and face paint not included)
Light Brown w/ White Tummy. 100% Flame Resistant Polyester (dry clean only)
Per Mftr. Child Small (4-6 for ages 4-6), Medium (8-10 for ages 6-8), and Large (12-14 for ages 8-10) (Mftr’s have gone to this as although the “sizing” is correct, children nowadays seem to wear sizes well beyond their “age” and some people still try to purchase by “age”. Measurements for Medium: Overall length: 42″, Inseam: 21″, Torso: approx. 21″

Dress Up America Scary Plush Lion Hairy Head Costume By Description:

â–ºProduct comes complete with: Jumpsuit and Head Mask. â–ºJumpsuit features a zipper closure in the front. â–ºMade with 100% Polyester Featuring: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant.

Men’s Catnip The Cat Plush Mascot Costume (Forum Novelties) Description:

Costume includes cat headpiece that tucks into suit for full neck coverage and plush jumpsuit with backside zipper closure and attached stuffed tail. Mesh eye openings allow you to see out, while others cannot see in; elastic bands hold mittens and boot covers in place. Attached mittens are plush on one side and open on the other, so you still have the use of your hands.

Deluxe Mee Oow Tutu Dress Complete (Rubie’s) Description:

Tutu dress with tail, glovelettes and headpiece. Hat features huge eyes and white faux fur. Leg warmers not included.

Women’s Bright Tiger Hoodie Dress Costume (Rubie’s) Description:

Zip-up hoodie dress with tail, ears and paws. Look to rubies for a wide selection of brightly colored furry leg warmers. Whether you are traveling to middle earth, oz or a galaxy far far away: rubies is the source for all your favorite science fiction and fantasy costume accessories.

Taylor The Tiger Costume (RG Costumes) Description:

Includes Polar Fleece Hooded Button Down Animal Jumpsuit. Wash Gentle Cycle Cool, Lie Flat to Dry.

Women’s 1 Piece Playful Pussycat (Roma) Description:

Sexy one piece romper with cat face detail. Strapless romper styling. Perfect when paired with our canary cutie costume.

Women’s Midnight Cat Sexy Costume (Starline) Description:

Starline Women’s Midnight Cat Sexy 4 Piece Costume Set for sale for Halloween. Romper, collar, headpiece, and tail included. Gloves, stockings, and riding crop not included. Long sleeve fishnet and wet look romper with sequin accents.

Bonjour Kitty Costume Description:


Women’s Reversible Cat and Mouse Costume (Dreamgirl) Description:

92% Polyester 8% Spandex; Mesh Hem 100% Polyester; Belt 100% Pu. Includes belt,removable tail,wide shiny belt with gold buckle. Cat and mouse ear headbands, gold bow on stretch band for top of stocking . stocking not included.

Pretty Kitty Costume Description:

Dreamgirl. Whites.

Plus Size Leopard Cat Costume Description:

Hand Wash. Includes tail and cat ear headband. 2 Piece Set.

Women’s Black Cat Costume (J. Valentine) Description:

J. Valentine Women’s Black Cat Costume Lace-Up Top with Boning and Side Zipper for sale for Halloween. This item is a genuine j. Valentine product. Perfect for rave, club or costume events. High quality faux fur and stretch matte foil.

Women’s Sabertooth Costume (J. Valentine) Description:

J. Valentine Women’s Sabertooth Costume for sale for Halloween. This item is a genuine j. Valentine product. Perfect for rave, club or costume events. High quality faux fur and faux leather.

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