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Shop for an adult or kids parrot costume to buy here at Funtober.  Pair it with a pirate costume for a talkative evening on the high seas over Halloween. Or buy a baby or toddler parrot costume to pair with your adult outfit and fly from roost to roost with your family in October. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of mens, womens and children’s bird costumes for sale:

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Welcome to our captivating collection of parrot costumes, where the vibrant and lively world of these tropical birds comes to life. Parrots, known for their bright plumage and articulate vocal abilities, are among the most recognized birds on the planet. With our diverse range of parrot costumes, you can now transform into these colorful creatures and soar into any event with unmatched flair.

Parrots are found in various regions around the world, from the rainforests of South America to the islands of the South Pacific. Their diversity in species and colors provides an array of costume options. Whether you're looking for the radiant reds of a macaw or the softer shades of a cockatoo, our collection is sure to have a design that captures the essence of these magnificent birds.

The charm of a parrot costume doesn't just stop at the array of colors. Features like their curved beaks, feathery crests, and long tail feathers add distinct characteristics to any outfit. Our costumes often incorporate these elements to ensure a recognizable and authentic parrot look. The versatility of these designs means they are suitable for both adults and children, making them a perfect choice for family-themed events or group costumes.

A standout feature when donning a parrot costume is the potential for accessorizing. Consider adding items like faux feathered wings or a beak mask to enhance the overall look. For those attending themed parties or theatrical productions, carrying a pirate's prop can also link the parrot theme to the popular portrayal of a pirate's loyal sidekick. After all, what's a pirate without their trusty parrot perched on their shoulder?

For children, parrot costumes offer a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of nature and wildlife. Not only do they get to wear a colorful and fun costume, but it can also be an educational experience. Parents can use the costume as a talking point to teach their children about the various species of parrots, their habitats, and their behaviors. Moreover, the imaginative play that a parrot costume can inspire is limitless, from flying around the house searching for 'treasure' to mimicking sounds and words just like a real parrot.

Attending a costume event as a parrot can also be an excellent conversation starter. People are naturally drawn to vibrant colors, and the dazzling hues of a parrot costume are sure to make anyone stand out in a crowd. Whether you're at a Halloween party, a themed birthday bash, or a carnival parade, your parrot ensemble will undoubtedly turn heads and garner compliments.

Parrot costumes are also a favorite for school plays, dance performances, and other stage events. Their lively appearance complements various themes, from jungle adventures to stories of pirates on the high seas. With the right costume, performers can truly embody the spirit of these animated birds and bring a touch of tropical magic to the stage.

One of the joys of choosing a parrot costume is the flexibility it offers. You can opt for a full-body suit that covers you from head to toe in brilliant plumage, or you can go for simpler options like a parrot cape or a feathered hat, ideal for those who prefer a more understated look. No matter the level of commitment you're seeking, there's a parrot costume in our collection that fits the bill.

In conclusion, our parrot costume category offers a delightful journey into the world of these splendid birds. Their vibrant colors, playful nature, and iconic status in popular culture make them a top choice for costume enthusiasts. Whether you're aiming for a realistic representation or a whimsical interpretation, our range ensures you'll find the perfect parrot look to suit your needs. So why wait? Spread your wings and dive into our collection to find your ideal parrot costume today!

The parrot is a tropical bird found mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. They are most commonly found in South America and Australasia. They have a strong curved bill, upright stance, strong legs and clawed feet. They are vividly colored and among the most intelligent birds, with some having the ability to imitate human voices.

Kids parrot costumes: We have a great selection of baby and toddler costumes to help your child become a colorful parrot on October 31.

Adult parrot costumes: If you love the birds, then dress in one of the smartest and most talkative birds around this Halloween.

Consider pairing your parrot costume with a pirate costume for a fun couples or group costume idea. Long John Silver in may have been the first fictional pirate to have a pet parrot in Treasure Island, but that fiction was probably grounded in reality.

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InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Tiny Toucan Costume Description:

The Tiny Toucan costume includes a zippered jumpsuit, hood with brightly colored beak and booties. Our baby toucan costume comes in baby sizes Infant Medium, Infant Large, Infant Small. Snap closures on the inner legs of this little parrot baby costume make diaper changes a breeze.

Underwraps Toddler’s Parrot Belly Babies Costume Description:

Underwraps brings you the most adorable Parrot costume for Halloween, parties, dress-up and even fun photo shoots. Your little animal lover will look so cute they won’t want to take it off. SOFT AND CONVENIENT: Soft swirl design plush body, with velcro closures. Easy to pull up for effortless diaper changing. Leggings are not included. DETAILED HOOD: Complete your look with the adorable detailed plush hood and shoe covers.

RG Costumes Men’s Pepper Parrot Hoodie Description:

Includes zip-up hooded animal sweatshirt. . Available in ad small and ad large. . Wash gentle cycle cool, Lie flat to dry.

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