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Flash your tail feathers this Halloween with an adult or kids peacock costumes. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of colorful women’s and girl’s bird and animal costumes. So start shopping to find the right sexy or fun peacock costume for this October:

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Rasta Imposta Women’s Peacock Costume


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Peacockadd tail before shipping)

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Mystery House Peacock Costume


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Shop Peacock Costume Accessories

Show off your tail feathers this Halloween with a sexy peacock costume.  Or simply strut around as one of the prettiest tropical birds around because, according to National Geographic, the party never stops for the peacock.  Choose from among our selection of peacock costumes for this September and October.

The peacock is actually the name of the male peafowl. Female peafowl are known as a peahen and the kids are usually called peachicks. It is the male peacock that is famous for its colorful tail feathers and piercing call. There have been many theories as to why the male has such beautiful plumage, including as a means to attract the opposite sex as well as a signal of the bird's fitness.

We have a few different peacock costume ideas:

Kids Peacock Costume: We have a great selection of these bird costumes ranging in age from the baby peacock to appropriate girl's costumes.

Sexy Peacock costume: If you are looking to attract a mate this Halloween, these women's peacock costume options will definitely turn heads.

Vegas Dancer costume: It may not be the traditional outfit option, but if you are looking to put on a show we have a few different options that would work well for a very off-Broadway appearance this October.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Peacockadd tail before shipping) Description:

Starline Women’s Sexy 5 Piece Deluxe Peacock Costume for sale for Halloween. Peacock corset, tutu, neckpiece, headpiece, and tail with feathers included. Shoe and glove accessories not included. Sassy and colorful.

Rasta Imposta Women’s Peacock Costume Description:

This is a simple and easy to wear costume. Dress, tail, headband.

Peacock Costume Description:

Hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry. Great for trick-or-treat, dress-up, costume parties, or putting on a show. Child Small fits 44 to 48 Inch tall with 25 to 26 inch waist.

Starline Women’s Exotic Peacock Costume Description:

Top, skirt, neckpiece, and headpiece included. Hosiery not included. Peacock feathering and rhinestone details.

Mystery House Peacock Costume Description:

Corset with peacock feathers. Tutu. Headpiece.

Daisy corsets 3 PC Sexy Pretty Peacock Halloween Costume Description:

Daisy Corsets Women’s 3 Piece Sexy Pretty Peacock Costume for sale for Halloween. Corset can be worn separately. Comes in sizes small-2x.

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