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Buy an adult or kids lion costume to become the King of the Jungle this Halloween. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of men, women and kids animal and big cat costumes. Cuddly or ferocious, you choose the type of cat you want to be for Halloween. If ferocious or sexy is your answer, buy one of these lion costumes to wear this October:

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Lion Costume Ideas for Halloween:

Baby lion costume: These big cat costumes are simply too cute to dress your newborn or infant in anything else. Whether you love the Lion King or simply want your own cuddly cat, it's a great choice for a Halloween party.

kids lion costumes: Dress your child in the King of the Jungle, an apex and keystone predator that rules the African plains.

Men's lion costume: Protect the pride and attract attention with a male lion costume. They prefer to inhabit grasslands and savannas, currently living in Sub-Saharan Africa and Western India. They are one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture.

Women's lion costume: Be the lioness and do all the hunting for the pride this October. They have incredible vision at night, so they will have an advantage at any Halloween party where the lights are low. And as you surely know, cats, including big cats, love to rub up against each other, meaning you will have the perfect excuse to meet plenty of other party attendees in a female lion costume.

Pair your lion costume with another cat costume, a Lion King costume, or a circus costume (like the lion tamer or ringmaster outfits).

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Rubie’s Costume Infant Noah Ark Lion Cub Romper Description:

Part of the Noah’s Ark collection, our baby Lion Cub Costume includes a furry hood with lion ears and faux fur mane, mouse rattle and a furry romper with light belly and paws. Newbor 0-6 Mos., Infant 6-12 Mos., or Infant 12-18 Mos. 100% Polyester, Hand Wash.

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