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Find men’s pirate costumes to buy for Halloween through Funtober. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of adult pirate costumes. Whether you want to be Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow or another sailor of the high seas, start shopping for a men’s pirate costume for sale for this October today.

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Sailing the seas looking for buried treasure and ships to plunder can be a lot of fun. But you had better put some time this September into learning to talk like a pirate if it's a pirate's life for you this October. Don't forget to also practice your sailor songs, sword play and map reading skills.

We are excited to bring you some great pirate costume ideas this year. Whether you were born a ship or are a land lubber, we can outfit you in the proper attire to fool anyone at Halloween. Our adult costumes combine the necessary look for you with a few choice accessories to get you started. If you are looking for a couples costume, we have plenty of female pirate costumes for you to consider buying as well

Be sure to check whether your desired outfit has the costume accessories that you want. If it doesn't come with them, feel free to add one or more from our collection of pirate accessories. We have pirate hats, weapons, boots, shirts, parrots and more to complete your look this Halloween.

Welcome to our page featuring an incredible array of men's pirate costumes. From the infamous Blackbeard to the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, pirates have always captured the imagination, providing us with countless Halloween costume inspirations. Our curated selection of men's pirate costumes allows you to tap into your inner buccaneer and create an unforgettable Halloween experience.

The notorious pirate Blackbeard, or Edward Teach, is one of the most famous pirates in history. Known for his imposing appearance with thick, black facial hair and a fearsome reputation, a Blackbeard-inspired costume would be a commanding presence at any Halloween event. Our selection includes costumes with long, dark coats and faux-leather boots, helping you embody the terrifying persona of Blackbeard himself.

On the other end of the pirate spectrum, there's Captain Jack Sparrow, the witty and unconventional pirate from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series. Capturing Jack Sparrow's distinctive style can be an enjoyable challenge, and our range of costumes can help you do just that. From his characteristic tricorn hat to his dreadlocked wig and beaded facial hair, you can find the elements you need to create a convincing Jack Sparrow costume.

Beyond these two famous figures, the world of pirates is filled with distinctive characters. Our collection includes an assortment of costumes inspired by pirates from all eras and regions. From the daring corsairs of the Mediterranean to the ruthless buccaneers of the Caribbean, these costumes are designed to transport you into the heart of pirate lore.

No pirate costume is complete without accessories, and we have an extensive selection to choose from. High boots, gold hoop earrings, cutlasses, eye patches, compasses, and even treasure maps can add authenticity and flair to your costume. With the right accessories, you'll feel less like you're wearing a costume and more like you're stepping into a thrilling pirate adventure.

Men's pirate costumes also offer excellent opportunities for couple's costumes. Picture you and your partner arriving at a Halloween party as a fearsome pirate captain and his beautiful pirate queen, or as a dashing rogue pirate and his enchanting mermaid companion. Whether you're looking to create a historically inspired couple's costume or a fantasy-driven pairing, our collection includes a variety of women's pirate costumes and related outfits that pair beautifully with men's pirate costumes.

We invite you to explore our extensive range of men's pirate costumes. Whether you want to embody a notorious pirate like Blackbeard, emulate a charming rogue like Jack Sparrow, or create your own unique pirate persona, our costumes provide the foundation you need. And with our wide variety of accessories and couple's costume options, you're well-equipped to make this Halloween an unforgettable swashbuckling adventure. So set sail on your Halloween journey, and may your costume be as legendary as the pirates who inspired it!

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

California Costumes Men’s Plundering Pirate Adult Description:

Exploits have torn entire fleets asunder yet this pirate continues his quest for plunder. The Plundering Pirate comes with a metal grommet trimmed shirt, belt, waist tie, decorative boot tops, and skull print bandana. Shoes, sword, pistol and eye patch not included.

Men’s Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume Description:

Vest with attached sleeves. Pants. Wrist cuffs.

Mens Plus Size Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume Description:

Vest with attached sleeve. Pants. Wrist cuffs.

Leg Avenue Men’s Pirate Captain Costume Description:

7 piece pirate captain. Nylon.

Forum Novelties Men’s Buccaneer Of The Seas Costume Description:

Buccaneer of the seas costume includes red head sash, white shirt, brown vest, shoulder belt, sash with attached belt, pant, and boot top shoe covers. Weathered look faux leather with gold shank buttons. Standard size fits up to a 42-inch chest.

Forum Novelties Men’s Buccaneer Captain Pirate Costume Description:

Buccaneer captain costume includes pirate coat, shirt, sash, and hat. Standard size fits up to a 42-inch chest. To care for, hand wash gently and line dry.

California Costumes Men’s Cutthroat Pirate Costume Description:

Available in size: Plus XL (48-52).
Item includes: Shirt, Pants, Head Tie, Boot Tops, Belt, Wrist Cuffs.
Picture Items not included: Eye patch, Weapon, Shoes.

Alexanders Costumes Men’s Captain Joseph Description:

Alexanders Costumes Men’s Captain Joseph for sale for Halloween. Jacket, vest, pants, jabot and belt. Great pirate costume that makes you a villain or look like royalty. Hat and gun not included.

Smiffys Men’s Aye Pirate Captain Costume Description:

Includes top, pants, waist tie and hat with attached hair. Perfect for a pirate party.

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