Cider Hill Farm - Amesbury, MA

A dairy farm transformed into an apple orchard in 1978. They grow 70 acres of fruits and vegetables on the 145 acre farm, with much of the land available for pick your own activities. Past Yelp reviews indicate you can pick from their pumpkin field. Enjoy apple picking (pay by the pound). The farm is open seven days a week from May through October 31st. The address is 45 Fern Ave., Amesbury, MA. It is about 41 miles north of Boston.

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Cider Hill Farm
Cider Hill Farm 4.5 star rating 160 reviews
Heather T.'s Review Heather T.
5.0 star rating

I want to update my review and commend and thank Cider Hill for their incredible commitment to our community during this difficult and unprecedented...

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Natasha M.'s Review Natasha M.
5.0 star rating

This place was adorable. My second apple picking farm with a totally different experience but amazing still.

In the front is a chicken farm and pumpkin...

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Janet Q.'s Review Janet Q.
5.0 star rating

Best apple cider donuts around! They look pretty standard with the cinnamon sugar coating but are just so delicious.

Plenty of varieties of fruit picking...

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