Dexter Cider Mill - Dexter, MI

The oldest continuously operating cider mill in Michigan.They make cider the same way they did 120 years ago – on an oak rack press. The equipment is over 100 years old.Bakery products include doughnuts, caramel apples and apple nut bread with homemade apple pies and apple strudel available on weekends.Open Wednesday through Sunday from late August through mid-November.

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Dexter Cider Mill
Dexter Cider Mill 4.0 star rating 80 reviews
Al M.'s Review Al M.
5.0 star rating

A bike ride to the Cider Mill for a pint of ice cold apple cider and a warm, freshly made donut...
life simply doesn't get much better than this!


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Tiffany H.'s Review Tiffany H.
4.0 star rating

I'm a bit of a cider mill newbie as I've only been to Franklin and now Dexter's Cider Mill. Dexter proudly reps that they're the the "oldest, continuously...

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Jenny K.'s Review Jenny K.
5.0 star rating

Can you even call it fall without a visit to the Cider Mill? Me thinks not. Dexter Cider Mill is the classic, family-owned cider and donut spot that is...

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