Stribling Orchard - Markham, VA

They have thirty acres of apple trees with more than 20 varieties of apples. Apples are available for picking from mid-August through early November. Bakery is open on weekends starting Labor Day weekend. Purchase their apple-cinnamon-raisin bread, pumpkin pies and other local products. The main house on the property dates back to the mid-1700s. The first 100 apple trees were planted after a lease was granted to the uncle of Chief Justice John Marshall, William Marshall, in 1765. The Stribling family, who continues to run the orchard, purchased the land in 1812. Some of the trees in the orchard date back to the 1930s, but most were planted in the last 20 years. There are currently approximately 2500 apple trees. The address is 11587 Poverty Hollow Lane, Markham VA, 22643, located just off I-66, about 60 miles west of DC and 12 miles east of Front Royal, VA.

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Stribling Orchard
Stribling Orchard 4.0 star rating 61 reviews
Dave M.'s Review Dave M.
5.0 star rating


We have a friend who one day wanted to go pick some apples. So we googled for locations and chose this place. It's exactly what you would expect, an...

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Nomin D.'s Review Nomin D.
3.0 star rating

It's a big place that you can drive to different part of the orchard but I felt like they didn't have much of matured apples left. Many of it was on the...

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Chris S.'s Review Chris S.
4.0 star rating

The family likes to do a yearly apple picking adventure, and while we have often had very positive experiences, we also like to try new places. This year we...

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