Giving Tuesday Results for Past Years

The holiday season is a key time for fundraising at nonprofit organizations. Both the number of individuals giving gifts and the size of their donations are higher at the end of the year. Reports indicate that between 20 and 50 percent of donations are made between October and December.

#Giving Tuesday has become an unofficial kickoff for charitable contributions during the key December giving season. Collectively, here are the reported results from Giving Tuesday campaigns since it started in 2012:

2015 Giving Tuesday Results

The #GivingTuesday movement reportedly helped nonprofits raise over $116 million in 2015. Nearly 700,000 donors made 1.08 million gifts with an average gift size of around $100.

2014 Results

Nearly 35,000 organizations, including charities, civic groups, celebrities and for-profit companies participated in the day to help raise $46 million in charitable donations. This was a 63 percent increase over the amount raised in 2013. Over 40 cities and states led their own call to benefit local nonprofits.

2013 Results

Online donation processor Blackbaud reported donations of approximately $19.2 million with an average gift size of $142. Another processor, Network for Good, reported $1.8 million in distributed foods. Baltimore had the largest effort for any metropolitan area, raising roughly $5.5 million as part of its charity campaign.

2012 Results

92Y in New York City and the U.N. Foundation organized the first Giving Tuesday in 2012 They hoped that 50 nonprofits would participate on the first Tuesday of December and use the hashtag #GivingTuesday online in their fundraising efforts. They ended up having 2,500 groups join in. The average gift was around $102 and some $10-million was raised.